Your Questions About Robots And Monsters

Thomas asks…

If alliens came to earth and offerd you to stay at there planet knowing nothing about it would you go?

Like not alliens as in the monsters but like anyhing robots or avatar people. I would mabey go depends if they are friendly and understand us .Doubt it though

kenspong answers:

No way! It’s a dirty trick!
Think about it. If we offered an alien to stay on Earth, we would preform tests and scrutinize it. Wouldn’t they do the same to us?
Similar scenario:
A child getting into a stranger’s van because he has “candy”. The child being you, the stranger being the aliens, and the candy being anal probing.

Joseph asks…

I need a name for a children’s icecream product! (people, parents, children welcome!)?

I’m designing small icecream cups with cute individual character on each cups (monsters, robot, monkey, ninja etc). It’s an icecream cup that comes with the icecream and children can re-use the cup to drink.

Anyway, I need a good kiddy brand name ,can anyone think of any.

Perhaps, if you have a child can you ask them for advice too haha … Thanks!

It’s targeted for children. Thanks 🙂
Thats a good childrens name however I’m creating my own brand and Winnie the Pooh is already an existing one. 🙂

kenspong answers:

How bout winnie the pooh?

Nancy asks…

What should the next Pixar movie be about?

After cars, robots, rats, toys, bugs, fish, monsters, super heroes, and old men tying balloons to their house, what should the next Pixar movie be about?

kenspong answers:

Idk at the moment but I like all of their movies since they give
out valuable lessons-the next two movies will be:

Toy Story 3(2010)
Cars 2 (2011)

Sandy asks…

Scanner Monster Robot Toys?

ok when i was little there were tese toys and you can scan like any barcode and like it would create a monster…well i have a really small neighbor and i would love to show him this great toy but unfortunly my mother probably threw it out once a grew out of it and i cant rember what they are called

kenspong answers:

My son still has his, it called a “Scannerz”.

Donald asks…

Would the world be better off if it were overtaken by evil robots, aliens, demons, and monsters?

Since those other entities at least are not Humans? It’s logically impossible for anything to come anywhere close to being as downright vile as the average Human. The amount of evil that Humans exhibit is NOT a natural and inevitable extension of sapience, but it IS a natural and inevitable extension of being a Human. I guarantee that any sapient being would be downright angelic compared to the average Human, no matter how evil it tries to act.

kenspong answers:

Only if they were really nice evil robots, aliens, demons, and monsters.

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