Your Questions About Robots And Monsters

Mandy asks…

Boy finds robot / android girl. Anime or manga?

I saw this anime awhile ago on Anime Network On Demand. Somehow a boy finds a girl (don’t remember how). The girl turns out to be an android or robot. She was supposed to have been created by a scientist and somehow escaped. She then fights some giant monster/robot. Next episode another girl android shows up. There were supposed to be more girls. Kind of a harem anime.

kenspong answers:

Steel Angel Kurumi
Saber Marionette

Both those series involves a guy getting a female android and others that show up. Although I remember in SAK, the android Kurumi does fight a large robot in the second episode.

William asks…

Help ! Sonic Unleashed chun nan level stuck 🙁 ?

Ive visited the proffessor and he says there are monster robots in Chun nan… so i went there and the old man in the village said please help theres robots outside our village blah blah… but thing is i cant get to them :S Its weird because when i go through to the next bit in (chun nan) theres a wall with a zig zag of coins i can reach whether sonic is in day or night mode, what do i do? there isnt any help from the game.!! Its driving me mad. Its for the ps3….! Thanks
Thanks Alex ;):P!

kenspong answers:

K this happened to me to heh, during daytime go back to the main city, with the university, there you go to the level select area west from the university and you should see this big thing to bounce on to the right, where there’s a small space where sonic can’t slide because of a laser, like in the ice level have to do that level first..and just stomp on it about three times..a lever should come down from the sky..yes like magic, and get on it and jump the wall, there’s a pair of shoes there that will allow you to wall jump, then you go back to chun nan, there you go to the top of the narrow walls with rings and get his super bounce shoes and move on, need anymore help let me know ^^

Nancy asks…

What is the name of the movie that is about 9 dolls looking things?

Okay, so today, I watched the movie UP. But during the movie previews, I saw a trailer for a movie about 9 dolls with each of the doll’s number on their backs. They can talk and the setting is in earth after everyone died. It was rated PG-13 and the enemies looked like monster robots. The dolls were also brought to life from this old guy according to the trailer… what is the name of the movie? I went to see UP on June 11, 2009 if you needed to know. I can’t find the title using keywords I remember. So, please tell me what this movie might be called.

kenspong answers:

The above poster is right it’s called 9, but it’s by Shane Acker not Tim Burton.

(I have a feeling I will be correcting people on this until forever lol, but I can’t help it, Acker is too talented to not get credit for his film)

Linda asks…

Name of a Cartoon Network show with giant robots/monster trucks and a fat guy with blond hair?

I’m pretty sure it was on Cartoon Network in the early 2000s. The blond guy wore a red vest and his hair was somewhat spiky. He had a skinny friend and I think the robot was a monster truck that transformed. Other than that I can’t remember much about the show.

Anybody know what the show was called?

kenspong answers:

Megas XLR?

Helen asks…

What do you guys think of the upcoming shows on Cartoon network, Disney and Nick?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (there going to kill the hell out of this)
Monsters vs. Aliens (really)
Robot & Monster (WTF is this)
Cartoon network:
The Annoying Orange ( running out of ideas )
Ben 10: Omniverse (kill Ben off already)
Cartoon Planet ( Doesn’t this already exist)
Not going to bother.

Also only people who watched the old shows can answer.

kenspong answers:

The shows they show now are crap! So stupid and not even funny! However, I do have to admit that I enjoy watching The Suite Life on Deck and ICarly from time to time. Other than that, the rest of the shows suck.

Our shows back in the day were great! All That, Hey Arnold, Rugrats. I even remember staying up late to walk The Wonderful World of Color on the Disney Channel. I wish they still had these on :/

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