Your Questions About Robots And Monsters

Donald asks…

u can turn the sim into diff monster with each Sims 2 expansion, but wut r D monsters 4 freetime and bonvoyage

in the sims 2, there is a monster for each expansion:
– Original Sims 2 : Alien
– University: Zombie
– Nightlife: Vampire
– Open for Buisness: Robot
– Pets: Werewolf
– Seasons: Plant monster
– bon voyage: ???????
– freetime:?????????

What are the paranormal monsters in bon voyage and freetime expansions and how do you get them?

kenspong answers:

You can find big foot and a ninja in bonvoyage ..who knows about free time ..its not out yet

Mandy asks…

wicked awesome song!metalica or megadeth!HELP!?

whats the name of that wicked song by metalica, or megadeth where theirs alot of coll sound affects like robots and monsters and guns and shit
guns and sh*t

kenspong answers:

It could be Architecture of Aggression by Megadeath.

Ken asks…

Has anyone heard of Spector Man or Spectra Man and how can I find it?

It was an old Japanese TV show from the 80’s. this guy would transform into this Big Robot and battle Monsters that would pollute the earth controlled by this Evil Ape Monkey. Before he Transformed he would always say, “Ready Over-Lord.”

kenspong answers:

It’s “Spectreman” (an Ultraman clone dating back to the early Seventies; it was rotated with “The Space Giants” on what was Superstation WTCG [WTBS] in the early 1980s).

There might be a clip or two on YouTube…

Linda asks…

I need help finding this old Youtube video?

okay i saw these videos a really long time ago and they were really funny. but now i cant remember the name :[
i think theres 3 different ones
its like these little doodle/stick guys and they do all this random stuff. like they get attacked by robots and monsters, and then horses and dolphins start flying over the rainbow and stuff and it plays german music. yes, very trippy i know :]
tell me if u know what its called, or if u just know any stupid videos like it.
argh i need help people!!! :[

kenspong answers:


Susan asks…

What are some online games where you can fight stuff?

i want a online game that you fight things but not: humans,zombies,ghosts,spirits or vampires. Pretty much just aliens,robots or monsters. and no: blood,gore,nudeity,ghosts,spirits or gods. and don’t say: toontown,freerealms or nanovor. oh and if you could get or buy different weapons that would be awesome. but remember i don’t want a game where you have to fight humans,zombies,ghosts,spirits or vampires.

p.s. NO blood,gore,nudeity,gods,vampires,spirits,bad language or anything CLOSE to nudeity.

kenspong answers:

Dungeons and dragons. You could fight spirits or ghosts but you can just choose not to, same for runescape to be honest. Although, since you have such strict opinions on what games you want to play you are very very very limited, as chances are 95% of all games are gonna have at least one of these, zombies ghosts spirits vampires blood gore nudity or language.

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