Your Questions About Robots And Monsters

Joseph asks…

Is there any place to buy original yu gi oh cards online other than eBay?

Is there a good, legal website that sells the original cards (not gx or 5ds) that ships to California? All the 5ds monsters look sorta like robots, I want more organic looking cards. Also looking to get a Polymerization card and some more classic ritual monsters like black luster soldier and relinquished.

kenspong answers:


i use this website, i dont know if they sell original yu-gi-oh cards in decks but they do in singles. Hope i helped in some way

Maria asks…

any good co-op games for the 360?

Are there any good co-op games for me and my buddies that are under these rules:

1. has to be a certificate 15 or under (my mum won’t let me have 18s)
2. can not involve killing people, but robots, aliens, monsters, zombies etc, are all OK (my mum doesn’t like those games)
3. has to be a good game
4. for the 360


p.s i already have halo 3 and my mum says she’s getting me portal 2 already. thanks again, and good luck!

kenspong answers:

The NHL series is by far the most fun co-op game I’ve ever played. In NHL 11 you can even take your guests online in ranked matches

Nancy asks…

What was that 1990’s kid show called?

It came on in the mid-90’s and had a kind of Power Ranger/VR Troopers vibe to it…..I believe it was with high schoolers and they would go inside the internet (or some cyber world) to fight with robots and monsters?
It was live action. Before any of that Pokemon stuff hit the states.

kenspong answers:

Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad

Sam Collins is a typical teen (with a talent for programming video games) who’s the leader of a rock band. One day, at practice, he is the victim of a sudden energy surge. He become a character in one of his games, named “Servo”. Meanwhile, Malcolm Fricke, discovers a strange program in HIS computer, named “Kilokahn”, which is a military Artificial Intelligence program, now presumed destroyed in the energy surge. Now Sam, Sydney, Tanker and Amp (later Lucky) must fight Kilokahn in cyberspace while keeping everything hush-hush. Written by George Britt

Ruth asks…

Where is a single-panel web-comic on a blog featuring ants, robots in love, and a giant monster?

It was in twenty-some odd pieces/fragments, updated occasionally. The blogger covered his efforts to create comics and shared art and other comics he enjoyed.

The name of the piece was “!” … yeah, exclamation mark. This makes it tough to search for the specific blog.

It involved a robot, a colony of ants, and some mountain that, halfway through, exploded and revealed a huge monster. That’s all i can remember

kenspong answers:

Try. Http://

John asks…

what is this anime?

its where theres this guy who has this big giant robot that he controls to fight evil robots and monsters..and sometimes he has to save this girl, which is an angel or something like that and its not “voltes 5“ cuz in this anime, theres only one guy who controls the robot, in voltes 5, their the anime that im trying to figure out is about a guy who rides a robot to fight evil stuff and save this angel girl or some sort..

kenspong answers:

That’s Tosho Daimos… This Came Out Along With Voltes 5… In My Place At Least… Old Skul Fave!

The survivors of Planet Baam and the Earth people want to sign a peace treaty, so General Lion and the reknowned scientist Dr. Ryuuzaki head out to have a reunion. But Lion dies in odd circumstances, his vengeful son Richter kills Dr. Ryuzaki – and war starts. Dr. Ryuzaki’s son, young martial artist Kazuya, decides to defend Earth with Dr. Izumi’s powerful robot: Tosho Daimos…


The Angel’s Name Is Erika…

Here’s The OP…

Moyase Moyase Makka Ni Moyase!


(Credits To The Uploader…)

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