Your Questions About Robots And Monsters

Paul asks…

Whats a good story for lit?

My teacher is making us write a story where we make her into an evil character/ robot/ monster/ whatever we want and defeat her. we can kill her, torture her, whatever we want. Im in 9th grade honors lit, so i need a god idea. im sooooo not creative, so i need help PRONTO! paper is due in2 days!!! eep!
we just finished Beowulf, we also read the Odyssey and a ton of myths this year, so I think she wants us to make a “hero” type character that can defeat the monster (like Grendel) but the monstor is like her, has like, some sort of trait that she has. She is a really funny and awesome teacher. you guys must think this sounds horrible! you have to know her i think! she wants it to be fun

kenspong answers:

This is a disturbing assignment if you are being encouraged to dabble in torture. I wouldn’t go anywhere near that! Stick to something much more socially acceptable such.

Portray her as an adult with dementia who is always trying to sneak out on you or something. You can defeat her by anticipating her next move and providing some kind of distraction so she doesn’t leave the safety of the home. You can be her nurse, her grandchild, her neighbor, or whatever role you would have the most real life experience that you could write from.

Good luck!

George asks…

What has anime taught you about Japan?

This question is for fun and im just bored so lets say you have never heard of Japan at all, what impression would you have on Japan after watching anime?
Here is my list: Japan is filled with demons, monsters and giant robots fighting in Tokyo, every girl is a attractive high school student, average high school boys become heroes instantly.
This is for fun only so don’t it too seriously and i know Japan is way different than what is shown on anime.

kenspong answers:

I love anime. I do not know what it be like without japan it be sad.

Ruth asks…

what is the name of this monster fighting game?

it is a game for ps2 u fight other monsters all around the world and the final monster u fight is a gaint brain. There r a couple of diffrent monsters like a praying mantis couple of robots. but u fight monsters and there is one level in japan i think where u hit this ufo and a giant tidal wave comes

any help would be great
first to give game gets best anwser.

kenspong answers:

The game you are talking about is War of the Monsters.

Thomas asks…

who is the voice of wheelie in transformers 2?

Wheelie is the blue mini, monster truck robot captured by Megan Fox and carried around with her throughout the movie.

kenspong answers:

WHEELIE SHOULD HAVE KILLED MEGAN, so messed up them made him her slave. Even if she is hot.

Sandy asks…

i am ice cream man and i have something to ask you…

POLL TIME!!! haha 🙂

ice cream flavor:
nickelodeon or disney channel:
robots or monsters:
earth, wind, fire, or water:
favorite animal:

i want to make it short, so i won’t bore you, and yes, some of the questions are random. haha, enjoy!!

kenspong answers:

I like Mint Chocolate Chip, Cooke Dough, Sherbet or the classic, VANILLA!

Uhm…Nickelodeon…I think XD
Fire, cause it’s what cooks my food(x
Elephant, Penguin, Duckies, UNICORNS, Hello Kitty, Doggies, and alot morree.


Pick me for best answer(:

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