Your Questions About Robots And Monsters

Chris asks…

What character would make the best cosplay outfit for a quite tall and large person?

I’m not too familiar with manga, but anything robot or monster would be suitable. Please include details as to the comic/animation that your sugestion comes from, thanks ^__^

kenspong answers:

From Death Note!

Ryuk is a Shinigami, and seen in the anime & live action movie to be quite tall.

There is another option of the other Shinigami in the story — Rem. Who is also quite tall.

If you’re going for a tall & wide character, try going for Hachigen Ushōda, a Vizard from Bleach.
He’s Very tall, and physically Large.

Anywho good luck, I don’t know if any of my suggestions was what you were looking for, but ahwell xD

Richard asks…

How many Students has the far left Radical professors turned into their marxist robots so far?

How can we stop them? Soros and all his money and power has infiltrated into our colleges for years a bunch of American hating nut job marxists who use the Saul Alinksy rules for Radicals- They are making MONSTERS! How many people have the ruined so far?

kenspong answers:

You talk as if the ‘far right’ has never attempted to monopolize anything, which is a lie.

John asks…

how come power rangers is lame now-a-days? why did they make it so bad?

i just got home because i woke up at a beach in michigan yesterday and i live in chicago so i had to find out what happened
anyway im sittin here my sister has nickelodean on
i used to watch power rangers in the 90’s the original ones
now if you dont know
they were some gangsta ass mofos running around shooting monsters and transforming into giant robots and beating the hell outta big ass monster robots and go into their little lair thing and talk to some big ass ghost dude and hed be all like YOU NEED TO BEAT THIS GUYS AZZ NOW GO POWER RANGERS
but now its all gay and lame… why?

kenspong answers:

Probably because what looked awesome as a kid doesn’t seem the same as an adult.. But the original power rangers were freakin awesome

Thomas asks…

what game boy advance game is this?

I remembered a game i had when i was younger the other day. The problem is, i cant remember what it was! In the game you have to fight robot like monsters and thier trainers. If you were to then beat them, you would win a part for your own robot. its a bit like pokemon, but with robots, it also used to be a tv show. cheers

kenspong answers:

Yeah it has to be the game Metabots. I was reading ur ? And it just popped into my head. Well actually after you said robots with trainers that gave it away.

Lisa asks…

Character Names Help :)?

So I made some characters for a fighting animation but having trouble with name (not good at giving names lol)

I need one for like a robot/monster, male and female characters.

Any help please, Thank you! 🙂

kenspong answers:

What kind of name are you looking for? A good way for choosing characte’s name(at least for me) is to find a word that i can associate with him/her and then translate it into some other language. For example, i have character named Fuyuge. That would mean “winter fur” in Japanese. He’s kinda wolfish boy, with white hair, so the name suits him quite well in my opinion. And that way i can even randomly write his name in kanji =D =D
If you don’t like the name you find, try searching with other(but maybe similar) keyword. Oh, and i thought i might add this . It’s a pretty good online jap-eng dictionary ^^

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