Your Questions About Robots And Monsters

Carol asks…

please help me come up with a new username?

for aim and stuff. these are some random words that i would like to be in there lol:

anything like that. help me come up with some optionss 🙂

kenspong answers:


Joseph asks…

Any sci fi shooter games 12+ or under?

I’m looking for a good sci fi shooter, but it has to be under 12 because my mum won’t allow war games. She will allow robots or monsters, under 16+ and not real people. It can be for ps2 or wii. Thanks

kenspong answers:

I have to agree with the person who answered before me. Just dont go on XBOX Live because some people use nasty language(swears, insults, etc.). I suggest starting with the first one because it is the one that started it all.

Charles asks…

can u find me 80,s cartoon american or japanese were a team in space with bird beek mask and wings fighting gi?

there was an 80,s or 90,s cartoon, were 4 to 5 guys fight giant monster robots weareing bird like mask, wings moving like lightin, posible japanese, cannot pinpoint name but know it eather has thunder,bird,hawk, not silver hawks, no voltron, this cartoon was alittle darker than voltron.

kenspong answers:

Well, it sounds a lot like Gatchaman (which was butchered in the US into Battle of the Planets, and later, G-Force.)

The characters all have bird names in the original series, and their ship was the God Phoenix or Fiery Phoenix (depending on version)

Ruth asks…

How is one allele dominant over the other?

I know how to make a Punnett square, but I just don’t understand how one allele (trait) is dominant over the recessive gene.

I know all about the pure and hybrisd stuff, heterozygous and homozygous, but it’s the dominance that I don’t understand.

We did this one genetics thing in science on Monday, where we had to create a monster based on the genes collected from coin flips. A monster with robot-like arms is dominant over a monster with crab arms (speaking in terms of genes).

The letter for the arms was “A”, with “AA” or “Aa” being robot arms, and “aa” being crab arms.

But how can one trait be dominant over the other?

kenspong answers:

Just to point out, not ALL genes are completely dominant, there are a whole range of different types, but we always start with the complete domance and recessive alleles first and its less confusing.

In complete dominance you will get a trait or not. Ie there are 2 possible options for phenotype…the dominant one and the recessive one (which of course needs 2 alleles to be expressed).
A lot of people would think that traits are more like adding red and white together to get pink…a mixture or intermediate features as this makes more sense (this is actually called incomplete dominance and gives you offspring that can be red, pink or white)…some other genes will show BOTH alleles eg blood type where A and B are both dominant, while O is recessive (this is called co-dominance).

I know sometimes I also wonder how can you have 1 form completely dominant over the other and not even see the trait a little bit…..I guess maybe you have to think on a more biochemical level where the presence of a allele, if present will cause a biochemical reaction to occur….if its not there, this process does not take place. Eye colour (ok this has modifier genes as well but ignore that) where is the brown allele is present it caused a pigment to produce brown if its there…if no allele for pigmentation is there, you get blue eyes…so maybe think of recessive things as a LACK of pigment, a chemical, or something…When its not there you show recessive, but even if its “half there” eg Aa, the biochemical process occurs.

Long story I guess to try and explain it, but I just wanted to point out that there are other types of inheritance as well as the ones you are learning about….these tend to give you a range of things like height, skin colour and things like intermeidates which you would tend to expect…… I guess it goes back to Mendel as everyone did expect things to be passed on in mixtures, but he found that was not always the case with his peas….if it wasn’t for complete dominance we may still be in the dark about inheritance.

David asks…

According to the Bible, is it okay if I share an intimate moment (you know, in a Biblical way) with a robot?

Does it matter what kind of robot? There are the less human looking ones like R2D2 or Ro-Man from the movie Robot Monster. I know his name being “Ro-Man” would make you think he was more human like in nature, but really, he looked like a gorilla with a diving bell and antennae on his head. Not human-ish at all.

What about a robot like Data from The Next Generation? Tasha had sex with him in that one episode. Is she going to hell. I mean honestly, could you tell the different between Data and a real human? What about Cylons?

I need an answer pretty quick. Thanks.

kenspong answers:

“I mean honestly, could you tell the different between Data and a real human? What about Cylons? ”

You haven’t yet.

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