Your Questions About Robots And Monsters

Sharon asks…

whats that song called?

i was at the movies and i saw this trailer about little rag doll people fighting against these robot monsters in a world where all the humans are dead. id like to know the song that was playing during this trailer
the name of the movie i heard it from was 9.

kenspong answers:

If this is the trailer you saw, the song is The Captain by The Knife,

Mark asks…

What is the name of the Monster truck robot?

Would anybody happen to know what the name of the robot was named/called from the Monster truck shows/Monster Jam from the ’90s to the early 2000s. It was silver looking and came out as a car but its sprung up a robot-like thing. If anyone can provide a picture of it too, that would be great as well.

kenspong answers:

The name of the robot was named “Bullie Jack”.
You can find a picture of it on

Greetings The Freak

Richard asks…

Help finding an old anime!?

I’m looking for an old anime that revolves around the characters using “gems” that contain the power to summon a robot/monster to fight for them. In the first episode I remember the main boy ends up in this world where an old man saves him with magic I believe. The main character comes into possession of a gem that contains a very strong robot. It is ones of three “legendary” ones. I also remember in a later episode they meet one of the other legendary robots and the two just seem to “resonate” against each other or something like that. Anyone who can help me find this anime would be greatly appreciated! I wish I knew more information

kenspong answers:

Hmm… Maybe this anime —> Kiba

hope that’s the one 🙂

Thomas asks…

What’s the name of this show?!?

It is sort of a type of anime, and the characters had really big foreheads, and they were a group of friends that go to this warehouse and into chambers. the nerd friend would punch in a sequence, and then they would get scanned and put into a 3D virtual world and have to get the pink haired girl into one of the towers. They would fight robot monsters, and go through obstacles and when the pink haired girl reached the tower, she would go inside the tower, float upwards, type a sequence and put her hand print, and then the evil force would be gone. Sometimes the evil virtual force would leak out into their world and cause some strange phenomena, and that’s when they would need to go into the 3D world again. Any help on what it was?

kenspong answers:

OH code lyoko or however you spell it

James asks…

someone please tell me what movie this is?

when i saw this movie, i was about 7 or 6. I am now 15. What I remember is, the mom had a boy (i’m not sure if it was her own son, or an adopted son, or a just a kid she found.) and she had her real son, who i guess his legs were paralyzed. So I think the paralyzed boy gets jealous of the adopted/found/whatever son and tells him to go into their mothers room and cut her hair or something like that, but that parents get super shocked when they wake up and see him with a pair of scissors, or knife. So i guess the mom takes him to the forest and she tells him not to go on the side with the robots/monster things. But he goes anyways, and i don’t remember why.

It’s a sad movie, and i would really like to see it again.
Please help me out.

kenspong answers:

Its called “AI artificial intelligence”
really good movie(:

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