Your Questions About Robots And Empire

Paul asks…

What book is after Robots and Empire?

I have an old copy of Isaac Asimov’s book Roboys and Empire. I was woundering what book is next in the trillige.

kenspong answers:

Robot Dreams 1986

Daniel asks…

In what order would you read Asomov’s Robots, Empire and Fundation series to make it one big “book”?

kenspong answers:

For me, I would go with Empire, Foundation, then Robots. I think it would make more sense that way.

Linda asks…

After reading Foundation, which Asimov series should I read next and what book do I start with?

I just read all seven books of the Foundation series, in order of publication, and I thought they were absolutely excellent. I heard he has to other series- Robots and Empire. Which one should I read next and what book should I start with?

kenspong answers:

I, Robot is an excellent book (way better than the movie!) and a good introduction to his robot books.

Some of his stand-alone (not connected to a series) books are good, too. Nemesis is a great read.

You should also read another series by an author that Asimov praised. James P. Hogan wrote a series that both Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke loved. The books are (in order) Inherit the Stars; The Gentle Giants of Ganymede; Giant’s Star; Entoverse.

William asks…

Who would win in a fight between robots, unicorns, dragons, space ninjas, zombies, the empire state building..?

And the queen of england.

It is an entire army for each creature, accept the tower and the queen.

kenspong answers:

Well, the robots definitely not :/ they need to have maintenance, and they would melt from the flames of the dragon, if not get overtaken by the zombies. When it comes to the unicorns….well….being the light footed race they are, they’d probably split. Some would go hide in the empire state building and others would go and gt them selves killed by zombies as well, because the zombies like unicorn blood. Dragons would ultimately be to big of a target, And probably get pierced and have to much blood drawn from the space ninjas and unicorns, and maybe zapped by a robot or two, so they’re out., Space ninjas, well they are extremely light on their feet, but being bandits would probably try to take the valuable unicorn horn and blood. And dragon scales. Bad idea. So then, the ninjas would probably get squashed by the dragon, whom being a big target doesn’t actually have to aim for the ninja. So they’re out. Zombies, pretty much the same deal. Being the mindless idiots they are, they’d probably think EATING them would be the best idea, well no.. .zombies shouldn’t’t eat dragons. Thus, the blood and flesh of the dragon into the zombies spreads the poisonous blood throughout the zombies body and BAM! He’s dead again. The empire state building……well it’ll be crushed anyways. I’m thinking, the world will just blow up.

Sharon asks…

What show is this toy from?

i used to have this toy and i need to know what show its from

kenspong answers:

I would say a japnese show

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