Your Questions About Robots And Empire

Thomas asks…

Starwars Question? Good and Bad guys?

Well I was playing battlefront 2 the other day and I was wondering,,

Are the confederates ( robots ) good or bad? I think they are bad
Are the empire good or bad? Same goes with the rebels
And what about the republic? Are they bad or good?

I am confused out of my mind help please?

kenspong answers:

The robots are bad guys
And the empire is bad
but the republic are the good guys

hope this helps

Richard asks…

What’s on your wall (movie wise that is)? Posters memorabilla, etc.?

I am huge movie buff and I have several posters and photos. Such as in my bedroom I have The Incredibles and Return of the Jedi posters on my closet. On my wall I got posters of Die Hard, Spiderman 2, Empire Strikes Back (with autograph photos of cast I got as a kid), Jeff Speakman autograph Street Knight poster, True Lies standee. Also assorted autograph photos my fav is Kirstie Alley (Wichita is her hometown also). I also got photo of my brother with Die Hard actors Bonnie Bedelia and Alan Rickman. (see my 360 page for photos). In the kids room I got posters of SpongeBob Squarepants, Barnyard, Monster House, Cars, and Spy Kids 3-D. I also have banner of SpongeBob and two characters from the Robots movies. Yeah I am a nerd, but I am a nerd with some cool stuff. Anyways you don’t have to list everything just a few things you love of the movies you love.

kenspong answers:

I have framed prints of famous old movie kisses in the upstairs hall and bedroom. Scarlett and Rhett, Robin Hood and Marian (Errol Flyyn and Olivia DeHaviland), John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara from The Quiet Man, and on and on, I have about 25 and keep adding when I can. Can’t help that I’m a hopeless romantic!

Donna asks…

which game is better? I II or III??? PLEASE HELP!?!?

ok…i liked empire earth I and how you go from cavemen up to robots and nuclear stuff…what are II and III like? do u start as cavemen on them too? are they better? please tell me which you would buy and why!? THANKS!!!
is Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest and Empire Earth Gold the same game???

kenspong answers:

If you go online and search for it, it will tell you the synopsis of II and III and how they start and the storyline. If they follow the same story line, I can only imagine they’re just as good. Also, read the reviews and see what other people have to say. Have fun playing!

Michael asks…

In Retrospect, Should I have programmed my robot bunnies to say “Danger, Danger”?

…I fear my empire is crumbling, I am covered in fluffy tails and bent ears. These may be my last words…heed them well. I fear the end is near….Oh, The Humanity Of It All!!!

kenspong answers:

No. You are not in danger…. Not yet!!! Me thinks…Your words are love’s shower of blessings in many many hearts… Empires may return to the dust from whence they came, and humanity too… But Spirit is what lives beyond! It is more than just humanity! The Spirit has been breathed into us… And from this breathe, we do live…. Have a loving, generous New Year… My friend~ ((hugs)) No death, just new risings…. :))

Kar~n` Joy~c

Laura asks…

Did you ever see the Star Wars Prequil Trilogy?

Do you notice how more and more, Humanity is starting to favor the Droid Army?

Dude, what happened to us? It’s like something sucked all of the life out of Humanity and turned it into the Empire of the Laboring Consumers. Our once illustrious race has been reduced to an ant colony. Once upon a time we used to be…. well…. TRIBES.. of…well….. WELL ONE THING’S FOR SURE, WE WEREN’T NO STUPID RACE OF ROBOTS!!!!

Man, this sucks. It’s like you’re either a worker drone, a worker drone with a little property, a thing that bosses all of the drones around and dies miserable, or homeless and poverty stricken on this planet. This is bogus. I don’t know about you, but I sure as Hell would like to get out of this phase of Human Development and get to the good stuff!! I think I would tremendously enjoy being the Captain of my own Starcruiser!! Anything but twenty more years of this! I feel like I’m surrounded by clock parts some times……
Powerful Member of the House of Light.

kenspong answers:

Even if you were as wealthy as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet put together, star cruisers would be beyond your means.

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