Your Questions About Robots And Empire

Jenny asks…

Warhammer 40000 question. Tau Empire?

Who exactly are the Tau? Are they pretty much another human civilization but not the Imperium? And there soldiers, are they robot soldiers, or people in the suits. And there elite shas’ui soldiers, who are they exactly? I recently played Dark Crusade and was confused on who they are.

kenspong answers:

The Tau are a young, energetic race on the fringe of the Imperium’s space. Basically, several thousand years ago, an Imperium Explorator mission came to the planet, found that it was covered in primitive creatures (barely stone-age level technology), and marked the planet for summary cleansing and repopulation with human colonies. The records were lost, and so the planet was forgotten about. Several hundred years ago, the planet was rediscovered, but the natives had made huge evolutionary leaps forward, and had established a small but growing empire of their own.

Long and short of it, the Tau developed in several different directions, and were engaged in a very destructive civil war until the rise of the ethereals – the ethereals gave purpose and focus to the different castes, and they began working for the Greater Good. The Earth caste are builders, the Air caste are pilots, the Water caste are merchants and diplomats, and the Fire caste are the warriors. Physically, the Fire caste is shorter and stronger than the others, but they all basically look the same – no visible nose, greyish skin, very flat faces, and fewer toes and fingers than humans. They don’t use robots so much, but they do employ various alien races in support roles, like the close combat oriented Kroot, and the shock attack Vespids. As far as the Shas’ui, it’s more like a rank, like a human Sergeant than anything else.

As far as their interaction with the Imperium, there were a couple of very destructive wars fought between the Tau and the Imperium, but an encroaching Tyranid Hive Fleet put hostilities on hold, and while things are tense, the Tau will occasionally ally with humans. They also have a nasty habit of subverting human populations on the fringes of Imperium space and getting them to defect and join the Tau Empire.

Hope that helps!

John asks…

Any games similar to these ones?

What are some games similar to age of empires, empire earth 2 or rise of nations for PC. I mean games where you command groups and you start off with an early age and then you slowly advance. Preferably games more like empire earth because i want ones where you can get planes and robots when you advance far enough. I’ve played all the age of empire ones so none of those, also i hear empire earth 3 is shit. I don’t want any games like war craft, more just ones with real units.

kenspong answers:

The genre is called RTS (real time strategy) some games with units like those are Starcraft I and II and warhammer 40,000

Mandy asks…

space exploration/finnished target dates recorded in star trek movies?

we know from current science;anti gravity systemsare nothing more than sophysticated floings of foward/rev, polarity.making anti gravity engineering posible.if japan {can}build a working small robot to lift heavy objects above its head.then the alt,is true.we could build giant autobots to lift star ships pre built/crew already on board in to orbit.hands heat sheilded for the downward trip back too work here on the star port building dock.can do people & permission from world leaders gets you up & these navy class ships flying across the night star lit skies.funding should be investor friendly.degoi of empire new earth.your tickett into the heavens.we need can do people fpr these projects!.galileo,voyager.u;s;s enterprize.with safety in each section of construction.shading people from hot sun till ready to trek webbing safety net over protected living/constution zones.and one huge beatifull ship in the sky line day/night.for many land masses.

kenspong answers:

This is science fiction stuff.

Michael asks…

Who hates those anime shows that make no Sense?

i hate the anime shows that just makes no sense what so ever like code geass. They made japan a empire and they use giant colorful robots. and also they made america weak and tiny the whole show is about japan.there’s no politics and the western part of the world is like gone.
i like stuff like death note they go into great detail.
ive seen english anime and they make way more since then japanese anime.
and trigun it is just a good show

kenspong answers:

For me, it’s just a fiction. Nothing to worry about.

Anyway if you like death note and make sense anime
then you’ll like School Days.

Paul asks…

Isn’t political correctness why the West is collapsing?

The British Empire, one of the greatest powers in world history, collapsed because the leaders of Great Britain got increasingly soft and did not wield their power like they once did. As a result, British colonies around the world broke apart from the Empire. In the Middle East, most notably in Iraq, the results were devastating and instead of having stability brought by an empire, instability was brought on by the new pathetic governments in the region, which led to the mess there that we have today.

America has also gone extremely soft, due to our government’s fairly new sensitivity to being criticized. Now, instead of letting the CIA or the U.S. military strike terrorists anywhere in the world, especially in the Middle East, the U.S. government puts up red tape and they get away. We have terror-supporting governments such as the Pakistani one that gets away with telling our military what they can and cannot do. Now, there is a mosque (politely called a community center by political correctness robots, even though funny enough only Muslims will be allowed to enter it) about to be built near ground zero, a $100 million mosque that nobody knows exactly who is funding, although my money would be on a bunch of wealthy Arabs who sponsor terrorism and build $50,000 a night hotels as hobbies. Of course, if the city of New York tries to stop it from being built, the ACLU will sue the city and give victory to the radical Muslims. They know they can play with our government because it has become too politically correct.

If the West keeps caving in to political correctness, it will fall to the Muslims, who want nothing more than to convert the West to Islam- it is described as their duty in the Koran.
The U.S. government worries about appeasing corrupt leaders of other countries instead of fighting them or simply ignoring them.
Jody: how could I be wrong? I assume you are one of those people who thinks it is okay for radical mass-murdering Muslims to boss around Europe and the United States in the name of tolerance.

kenspong answers:

Pandering to the minorities seems to be all the rage except in countries like France with the common -sence to stand up too their BS

As it is at the moment it appears you have the right to wear a Burkah but not burn the Koran in most Western countries otherwise you are subject to Jihad which of course can be recognised under the US constitution as a religous right. Then the gun lobby has its way and then everyone has the right to bear arms (just in case you get attacked by an English tourist or a ramaging Indian).

Stupidity shows no boundries

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