Your Questions About Robots And Empire

Betty asks…

What website can I download old PC strategy games from?

I can’t remember what the game that I am looking for is called (i think that the acronym for the game started with dd), but I do know that it is kind of like a futuristic Age of Empires, and it was pretty old. I had a demo for it which included 3 different civilizations (or teams): Yellow robots, red demon looking dudes, and blue humans. If you can tell me what the game is called, or where to download it, it would be much appreciated.

kenspong answers:


Linda asks…

Whats with the ‘Nick’ and ‘Justin’ boy trend?

ok i was just thinking, does anyone else find it a little weird the the biggest teen heartthrobs tend to be named either “Nick’ or ‘Justin’?

I mean back in the 90’s the ‘hottest’ guys were
NICK whatshisname from the backstreet boys
and JUSTIN timberlake from *nsync

now the 2 ‘hottest’ guys are
NICK Jonas and
JUSTIN beiber

it this proof that boybands are actualy robots created by the media empire??

kenspong answers:

John Wilkes Booth
Mark David Chapman
Lee Harvey Oswald


Who fucking cares?

Richard asks…

I need a new and different name for vampires?

I am crafting an alternate history of Britain in a book series called “The Empire of the Undead” which has vampires, werewolves, witches, airships, tanks and robots. The name vampires have been used in so many books and films. Well i’m looking for a new and different name for vampires. if anyone has any ideas please let me know, i would love to hear them.

kenspong answers:


Incubus Succubus Lamia (these are types of vampire)

You might also go through foreign language dictionaries. For instance, the Indonesian word for “bloodsucker” is lintah and “bloodthirsty” is ganas

Mandy asks…

Why is star wars so rubbish?

Star wars was about new found american power in the world, a kind of cold war in space, the dark side and darth, blatantly representing the russians. Alec guinness-the noble, wise, experienced old man represents the old british and their lost empire, A homosexual robot, a big bear thing that just goes ‘argggrh’ even when it is asked a different question. stupid blue, furry animals as aliens. Its the stupidest film ever made by and starring idiots. Agree? or are you a fan?
Star Wars is about what I have stated, It is obvious and acknowledged that it is, ask any film reviewer, Do you not understand?
Any one that thinks that star wars was the greatest francise ever made and george lucas was the greatest director has a criminal taste in films and filmaking, it’s the musical equivalent of thinking that the power rangers make good music.

kenspong answers:

Because someone stupid wrote it?
I hate the movie and refuse to watch it. Its so boring!

Sharon asks…

South Park and Star Wars Fans! Need the name of a song and/or artist!?

The song plays at the end of the the episode Starvin Marvin in Space in season three. It’s different than the usual Primus song. It’s about Chewbacca and the lyrics go something like this:

I am Chewbacca!
I am a wookie!
I fight the empire!
I fix the robots!
Don’t f***ing cross me!
I am Chewbacca!
In need of no one!
In want of nothing!

The words are kind of shouted and the same guitar riff is played in the background over and over. It completely cracked me up so any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

kenspong answers:

The song that plays over the credits is “I Am Chewbacca” by Stone and Parker’s band, DVDA.

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