Your Questions About Robots And Empire

Steven asks…

Star wars battlefront 2?

I wanna beat my buddy on multiplayer every time we play it, i know the robots always beat the empire. and the empire always beats the rebels. but if im the rebels how would i got about beating him if hes playing as the empire? do i got for the command posts? or his troops? do i get in a tank and kill his guys…….etc? any ideas will be good.

kenspong answers:

It depends on the map, but mostly it should come down to your personal skills. Practice. A lot. Do skirmishes against the computer where you’re the Rebels and the computer is the Empire. I’ve found that getting good with a sniper rifle and finding a location where you can pick off enemies quickly is effective… Make it a game of attrition, where whoever’s player-controlled character gets more kills faster is the winner. I’ve played games where I’ve gotten 60 of the 100 kills for the map… It shouldn’t matter who’s playing what side in that case, your computer-controlled troops will pick up the remaining kills.

Linda asks…

poem written by robots for robots?

what do you think of this poem:
The murder of an entire race
Someone decided to put them into their place
forever emptiness nothing against us has no conscious but nevertheless
their final kiss she was wearing her red dress
realizing the damage that has been done
I give my empire to you my son
they push us down but here we stand they crushed our hopes and took our land
now we must face our final test but nevertheless
our final kiss she was wearing her red dress

kenspong answers:

Do robots have hopes and land?
Do robots care?

Mandy asks…

‘none of them knew they were robots’ explain?

please explain lyrics as much as you can. thank you.

Mendel’s machines replicate in the night
In the black iron prison of St. Augustine’s light
He’s paying the bills and they’re doing him proud
They can float their burnt offerings on assembler clouds

With omega point in the sight
The new Franklins fly their kites
And the post modern empire is ended tonight

From history
The flood of counterfeits released
The black cloud
Reductionism and the beast
Automatons gather all the pieces
So the world may be increased
In simulation jubilation
For the deceased…

Spray-on clothes and diamond jaws
Wrinkles smoothed by nanoclaws

With my machines I can dispatch you
From this world without a trace
Our nostalgia ghosts are ready to take your place

Content-shifting shopping malls
Gasoline trees and walk-through walls

None of them knew…

I feel the grey goo boiling my blood
As I watch the dead rise up out of the earth
Try to hide from the lies as they all come true

Deus absconditus
Deus nullus deus nisi deus

I feel the grey goo boiling my blood
As the fenris wolf slowly bites through his chain
Try to hide the myth as it becomes a man

Buying an X or an O
In statecraft tic tac toe
Cats game for Joe Blow

Post industrial bliss
A binary hug or kiss
Can be wrung from utility mist

They stole the great arcanum
The secret fire
Moloch found his gold
For the new empire
Once again
The necrophage becomes saint

Lindy hop around the truth
Jump back wolf pack attack
Slap back white shark attack
Swingin’ up there in the noose
Jump back wolf pack attack
Slap back white shark attack

Phased array diffraction nets
From full-wall paint-on TV sets
Migratory home sublets
And time shared diamond fiber sets

Recombinant logos keys
Bitic Qabalistic trees

I feel the grey goo boiling my blood
As leviathan and his bugs freeze the sea
Try to save the world by immolating myself

From history
The flood of counterfeits released
The black cloud
The resurrection of the deceased
Automatons gather all the pieces
So the world may be increased
In simulation jubilation
For the builders
Of the body of the beast

kenspong answers:

This is mainly in response to the first answer above, which is an example of the excessively eager and misguided grammar fascism that permeates the internet. I will now proceed to engage in it myself. This sentence is not grammatically incorrect. The antecedent of “they” is not clear, but it does not necessarily have to be “none.” It could in fact be “them,” which would mean that the number of “they” would be correct. It could be better written as “None of them knew that they were all robots.”

As for his comment on the song lyrics, we can infer that he is an ass from his eagerness to eschew answering your question for criticizing the grammar of the song title. In any case, if there is a method to Mike Patton’s madness (a fact in which I am not entirely confident), you might be able to discern it by looking up the historical figures and concepts as they are listed in the lyrics. To start this would be:

Gregor Mendel – father of genetics

St. Augustine – Augustine of Hippo was a North African Christian thinker of late antiquity whose ideas helped form the basis of much of Catholic dogma. He also wrote very personal accounts of his meditations on the divine and his own spiritual path.

Assembler- either just a machine that puts things together or (I think) a reference to a utility program that converts computer assembly language into usable machine code for programmers.

Omega point- no idea

Benjamin Franklin- I hope you know this.

Post modern empire (post modernism)- look it up.

Reductionism- look it up

the beast- perhaps a reference to the beast of Revelation in the bible, identified as the anti-Christ and associated with the number 666.

Automatons- another word for robots

Spray-on clothes and diamond jaws- I have no idea

Wrinkles smoothed by nanoclaws- Probably a reference to the potential future capability of nanotechnology to produce tiny mechanical or biological devices which can operate within our bodies, correcting problems, or perhaps fighting aging.

Content-shifting shopping malls- Maybe he’s talking about the trend over the past decade or so of increasingly specialized advertising, etc. Which targets the known interests of the shopper or potential customer.

The Latin refrain means:

God hidden God, No God except God

Anyway, once you have all the references figured out, maybe you can make sense of the theme. I confess it eludes me. At least I had fun trying to figure it out.

Mike Patton and Mr. Bungle rule.

Helen asks…

does anyone else feel like the earth is being overrun by saturnian robots from andromeda?

people have been acting very strange lately. synchronicity-bombings and mind nets… are we being invaded by andromeda 2.5 billion years too early?

has andromeda run out of batteries and needs to rip up our earth to fuel it’s grey goo nano-empire of words?

is akhenaten the pre-incarnation of the orginal buddha AKA the orginal ADAM? why so misogynistic golden boy? are the eve’s or ‘mothers’ your mind control sex slaves?
saturn in a mythological sense.

kenspong answers:

Actually I had thus same thought the other day while munching some tasty shrooms!!!

George asks…

Are We in the Midst of a Global Economic Collapse Comparable to The Fall of the Roman Empire?

I suggest that any doubters go on Youtube and search the terms: economic depression,taxes, fall of the dollar, new world order, worldwide economic collapse,national debt,outsourcing, marshall law, church and state, rise in tuition,homelessness in america,jobs in america, student loan debt, middle class,future of America, biblical prophecy, military robots, Patriot Act, civil rights, constitutional rights, NAFTA, TARP,The Greatest Depression, patent protection, service economy, credit card debt, end of oil,exponential growth, population growth, cost of education, public education,global warming effects,one world government,crime in America,secret societies, Richard Dawkins, end of religion,science religion,North American Union,world currency,end of capitalism, Michael Moore, mandelbrot economy,stock market collapse,federal reserve,careers in service economy,rise of technology,mark of beast,origin in god we trust,one world religion, United Nations, infinitum… judge for yourself by listening to 1000’s of views points.
An infinite number of particulars rain from any given universal. People get lost in the particulars when it’s the universal that needs to be changed. It’s called brainwashing or obfuscation…enough said.

kenspong answers:

Nothing so mild.

At its “Fall” the Roman Empire just wasn’t that important in the scheme of things. Yes, it dominated Europe and North Africa, but it smaller than both India and China, and its fall didn’t affect those empires.
In economic terms, all of Europe was less than 1/7 the size of Asia:
Hence its fall wasn’t even visible to most of the world’s population.

If the modern global economy collapses, _everyone_ will be affected – a much more parlous state of affairs.

Now as to whether such a collapse is likely is a different question. It seems clear that the current recession is neither a major collapse on its own, nor will it lead to one. And most of the factors you cited (taxes, fall of the dollar, national debt, outsourcing, etc.) are either in the noise or completely irrelevant.

On the other hand, human society is already living well beyond the carrying capacity of the Earth:
and countries such as China and India continue to develop, the environmental deficit will continue to grow.

When this happens to other species, you get a major die-off.
This is one possibility for humans too, though one many consider low probability.
Another possibility is that we return to a Malthusian subsistence existence, with a much lower standard of living.

Even in the most optimistic scenario:

1. We will not have major new sources of cheap oil coming on-line in the next few decades just because, even if we find them, it takes decades to develop a new find.

2. Even if we start right now, we will not have major new sources of energy from alternative sources in the next few decades just because, again, it takes time to build at scale.

3. We have an economy that is based on cheap energy.

So even ignoring anything else (global warming, scarcity of fresh water, soil degradation, etc.) and even we have all the technological advances one could possibly hope for, we can still expect a major change in the world economy and a major decrease in the standards of living.


1. There is no reason to assume truly major technological developments in the field of energy production; we are not building alternative energy sources as fast as we can; all the new oil finds are even more expensive to extract than the earlier finds were so this “next few decades” is, more realistically, for quite a bit longer.

2. Even the most conservative estimates of the effects of climate change suggest that it will be a significant hit
which means we could be hitting the all that much sooner.

3. Recent political responses to the climate change and recession issues suggest that getting multi-national cooperation and coordination is not likely to happen.

So an economic collapse comparable to that of the Roman Empire? All too possible.

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