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Thomas asks…

In what order should Issac Asimov’s Foundations and Robot series be read?

I have 3 series, Robot series, Foundation Series and the Galactic Empire. Obviously the confusion is many of them were written concurrently and are non-linear. So which should come first, second and third? Could I live eliminate reading Galactic Empire altogether?

Here are the novels…

* The Robot series:
o The Caves of Steel (1954)
o The Naked Sun (1957)
o The Robots of Dawn (1983)
o Robots and Empire (1985)

* Galactic Empire series:
o Pebble in the Sky (1950)
o The Stars, Like Dust (1951)
o The Currents of Space (1952)

* Original Foundation trilogy:
o Foundation (1951)
o Foundation and Empire (1952)
o Second Foundation (1953)

* Extended Foundation series:
o Foundation’s Edge (1982)
o Foundation and Earth (1986)
o Prelude to Foundation (1988)
o Forward the Foundation (1993)

kenspong answers:

Johnny Pez’s Insanely Complete Fiction List

A chronology of events in Isaac Asimov’s positronic robot and Foundation stories, compiled by Johnny Pez

AD = Anno DominiBLACK text:Written by Isaac Asimov.
GE = Galactic EraBLUE text:Written by other professional authors, approved by the Asimov Estate.
FE = Foundational EraRED text:Written by other professional authors, not necessarily canonical.
GREEN text:Non-published, fan-fiction.

1995 AD”A Boy’s Best Friend” (The Complete Robot)
1998 AD”Robbie” (I, Robot; The Complete Robot; Robot Visions)
2006 AD”Robot AL-76 Goes Astray” (The Rest of the Robots; The Complete Robot)
2010 AD”Insert Knob A in Hold B” (Nightfall and Other Stories)
2015 AD”Runaround” (I, Robot; The Complete Robot; Robot Visions)
2015 AD”Reason” (I, Robot; The Complete Robot; Robot Visions)
2016 AD”Catch That Rabbit” (I, Robot; The Complete Robot)
2016 AD”Safety First” by Johnny Pez (read the story)
2021 AD”Liar!” (I, Robot; The Complete Robot; Robot Visions)
2023 AD”Satisfaction Guaranteed” (The Rest of the Robots; The Complete Robot; Earth Is Room Enough)
2024 AD”Balance” by Mike Resnick (Foundation’s Friends)
2025 AD”Lenny” (The Rest of the Robots; The Complete Robot; Robot Visions)
2026 AD”Blot” by Hal Clement (Foundation’s Friends)
2029 AD”Little Lost Robot” (I, Robot)
2030 AD”Escape!” (I, Robot)
2031 AD”Cal” (Gold)
2032 AD”Evidence” (I, Robot; The Complete Robot; Robot Visions)
2032 AD”PAPPI” by Sheila Finch (Foundation’s Friends)
2033 AD”Risk” (The Rest of the Robots; The Complete Robot)
2034 AD”Galley Slave” (The Rest of the Robots; The Complete Robot; Robot Visions)
2035 AD”First Law” (The Rest of the Robots; The Complete Robot)
2036 AD”Plato’s Cave” by Poul Anderson (Foundation’s Friends)
2052 AD”The Evitable Conflict” (I, Robot; The Complete Robot; Robot Visions)
2055 AD”Robot Dreams” (Robot Dreams)
2058 ADI, Robot (I, Robot)
2063 AD”Feminine Intuition” (The Complete Robot; Robot Visions; The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories)
2065 AD”The Fourth Law of Robotics” by Harry Harrison (Foundation’s Friends)
2090 AD”Christmas Without Rodney” (Robot Visions)
2120 AD”Kid Brother” (Gold)
2140 ADRobots in Time by William F. Wu (six volumes)

1. Predator
2. Marauder
3. Warrior
4. Dictator
5. Emperor
6. Invader

2150 AD”Light Verse” (Buy Jupiter and Other Stories; The Complete Robot; Robot Dreams)
2170 AD”Too Bad!” (Robot Visions)
2180 AD”That Thou Art Mindful of Him” (The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories; The Complete Robot)
2200 AD”Carhunters of the Concrete Prairie” by Robert Sheckley (Foundation’s Friends)
2160-2360 AD”The Bicentennial Man” (The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories)
2425 AD”Mother Earth” (The Early Asimov)
3421 ADThe Caves of Steel
3422 ADThe Naked Sun
3423 AD”Mirror Image” (The Best of Isaac Asimov; The Complete Robot; Robot Visions)
3424 AD”Strip-Runner” by Pamela Sargent (Foundation’s Friends)
3424 ADThe Robots of Dawn
3604 ADRobot City (six volumes)

1. Odyssey by Michael P. Kube-McDowell
2. Suspicion by Mike McQuay
3. Cyborg by William F. Wu
4. Prodigy by Arthur Byron Cover
5. Refuge by Rob Chilson
6. Perihelion by William F. Wu

3605 ADRobots and Aliens (six volumes)

1. Changeling by Stephen Leigh
2. Renegade by Cordell Scotten
3. Intruder by Robert Thurston
4. Alliance by Jerry Oltion
5. Maverick by Bruce Bethke
6. Humanity by Jerry Oltion

3620 ADMirage by Mark W. Tiedemann
3624 ADRobots and Empire
3730 ADCaliban by Roger MacBride Allen
3731 ADInferno by Roger MacBride Allen
3736 ADUtopia by Roger MacBride Allen
4850 ADThe Stars, Like Dust
11129 ADThe Currents of Space
827 GE (12411 AD)Pebble in the Sky
977-978 GE”Blind Alley” (The Early Asimov)
12020 GEPrelude to Foundation
12028 GE”Eto Demerzel” (Forward the Foundation)
12028 GEFoundation’s Fear by Gregory Benford
12038 GE”Cleon I” (Forward the Foundation)
12048 GE”Dors Venabili” (Forward the Foundation)
12058 GE”Wanda Seldon” (Forward the Foundation)
12067 GEFoundation and Chaos by Greg Bear
12067 GE”The Psychohistorians” (Foundation)
12068 GEFoundation’s Triumph by David Brin
12069 GEEpilogue (Forward the Foundation)
12067-12070 GE”The Originist” by Orson Scott Card (Foundation’s Friends)
49-50 FE (12117-12118 GE)”The Encyclopedists” (Foundation)
79-80 FE (12147-12148 GE)”The Mayors” (Foundation)
134 FE (12202 GE)”The Traders” (Foundation)
154-160 FE (12222-12228 GE)”The Merchant Princes” (Foundation)
195-196 FE (12263-12264 GE)”The General” (Foundation and Empire)
270 FE (12338 GE)”Trantor Falls” by Harry Turtledove (Foundation’s Friends)
310-311 FE (12378-12379 GE)”The Mule” (Foundation and Empire)
316 FE (12384 GE)”Search by the Mule” (Second Foundation)
376-377 FE (12444-12445 GE)”Search by the Foundation” (Second Foundation)
498 FE (12566 GE)Foundation’s Edge
498 FE (12566 GE)Foundation and Earth
498 FE (12566 GE)”After Earth” by Johnny Pez (read the story)
1000 FE (13068 GE)”The Imperial Conference” by Alexander J. Vincent (read the story)
1056 FE (13124 GE)”Foundation’s Conscience” by George Zebrowski (Foundation’s Friends)
1302 FE (13370 GE)”No Connections” by Randall Garrett (The Best of Randall Garrett; Takeoff [both are Randall Garrett collections])

luv……wife of an avid scifi fan

Susan asks…

Should Isaac Asimov’s Robot-Foundation mega-series be made into a film series?

I’ve read much of Asimov’s work and enjoyed it. I think it would be cool if his major works would be made into movies.

Here are the books that Hollywood could use:
• Mother Earth
• The Caves of Steel
• The Naked Sun
• The Robots of Dawn
Robots and Empire
• Prelude to Foundation
• Forward the Foundation
• Foundation
• Foundation and Empire (this one could probably be split between Foundation and Second Foundation)
• Second Foundation
• Foundation’s Edge
• Foundation and Earth

Those of you who have read all or most of these, what do you think? Good idea or not?

kenspong answers:

Sounds like a fantastic idea as long as Michael Bay, Stephen Spielberg, the guy who made I Robot (or any other director who likes to take wonderful sci-fi books and ideas and crap all over them) has nothing to do with the making of these films.

Mandy asks…

what are other games like age of empire?

And there’s this one other game that I forgot the title of it. It’s like age of empire but instead it’s all robot and machine along with finding oil to fuel up instead of gold. Does anyone know that game?

kenspong answers:

Rome: Total War
Rise of Nations
Empire Earth
Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War
Age of Empires I, II and III
World in Conflict
Command and Conquer

With regard to your other quesiton, no clue. Probably you can find what you are looking for in

Good luck!

John asks…

In the game stars wars the original trilogy on the psp how can you win level 1 on the empire strikes back?

i need help on it!!! i kill and kill the big robots but they appear again!!!! help!

kenspong answers:

You have to go where they come from and destroy it. And you got to kill alot.

Mark asks…

Who owns the rights for the Empire and Lucky Starr novels by Isaac Asimov, and why aren’t they kept in print?

Since a few years ago Asimov has been one of my favorite SF-authors. I’ve for example read all the Foundation novels and most of the Robot novels and short stories. I know that the Empire novels are set in the same “universe” as the more famous Robot and Foundation novels and short stories, and chronogically takes place between them. The Empire novels were published during the 1950’s, while the Lucky Starr novels are SF for juveniles and were also first published during the 50’s.

kenspong answers:

His inheritants, probaly a trust. The copyright will be mentionned in any book. You can check with the publisher

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