Your Questions About Robots And Empire

Paul asks…

Empire earth???????????

Why are Empire Earth robot units named after Greek Gods and Beasts??

kenspong answers:

I’m guessing they didn’t have anything else to name them after, and they wanted the names to sound cool.

Susan asks…

Has anyone tried these cams?

I was wondering if anybody has tried the Rock Empire Robots or the DMM or Wild country cams and what you thought about them?

kenspong answers:

I have used the Wild Country cams – one of my climbing partners has a set of them on his rack. I don’t think that they are the lightest cams out there, but I like them. I find that they are very similar to my Metolius quad cams and hold well and don’t “walk” much once placed.

My favorite cams are the Black Diamond Camalot for their wide range and light weight for a whole set – but they are expensive.

Good Luck

Michael asks…

In what order should Isaac Asimov’s foundation and robot series of be read?

He wrote some books first and then complemented them with others that preceeded them, but I don’t know what’s the final order. These are the ones I have:

The Robot series:

* The Naked Sun (1957)
* The Robots of Dawn (1983)
* Robots and Empire (1985)
* The Positronic Man (1993)

Original Foundation trilogy:

* Foundation (1951)
* Foundation and Empire (1952)
* Second Foundation (1953)

Extended Foundation series:

* Foundation’s Edge (1982)
* Foundation and Earth (1986)
* Prelude to Foundation (1988)
* Forward the Foundation (1993)

kenspong answers:

I actually read the foundation series in the order they were written. Years later I read then in event order. I think I liked reading them in the order the were written, as you have listed above.

Ken asks…

What is Isaac Assimov’s best novel?

which of his novel would u reccomend i read that is important and wonderful on its own,
and secondly, what do u think of ROBOTS and EMPIRE, the final book of the series?
I think its quite fascinating but alot of critics differ on it.

kenspong answers:

I loved Robots and Empire. My favorite Isaac Asimov book is Caves of Steel.

David asks…

Isaac asimov’s robot?

I only have isaac asimovs robots and empire with me… I wanna know if its ok to start with this book since i dont wanna spoil if there any prequels…is robots and empire a solo read on its own and would u suggest it if i havent read his previous novels?

kenspong answers:

Robots and Empire is the fourth book in Asimov’s robot series of novels. The earlier ones are The Caves of Steel, The Naked Sun and The Robots of Dawn. The plot is largely self-contained, so you can read it on its own, though it does have some minor spoilers for the earlier books. If you can easily get hold of the earlier books, I’d start with them, but if not, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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