Your Questions About Robots And Empire

Lizzie asks…

Anyone knows this old movie? It’s stuck in my head…?

I guess it is a really old one. I have no idea on how long ago I’ve seen it. Also, I remeber only few things about it.
It is about a man, which is somehow, transformed, by others, into a robot. He walks around with some sort of a rain coat on him. so people don’t see he is a robot. I think he has a woman friend with him, in his journey and at one point, some guy, named Montana, I think, who gives them a ride on a boat. There is a boat chase, on a river, where the man-robot blows up the other boat, with grenades launched from his arms. In the end, the bad guy, some how, must have been a time machine involved, ends up in the Roman empire or a prehistoric time
Anyway, I just realized :), I remember very little of the movie. Hope it really was a movie and I’m not day dreaming :D. I know I haven’t given you much to work with, but it is all that I remember. It was such a long time ago! Thanks 🙂
Late Edit:

It is not Darkman and not RoboCop
It’s much older

kenspong answers:


Mandy asks…

Looking For Cool, Free MMORPG’s?

Well i’m kinda looking for 2 diff kinds of MMORPG’s.

1. Is the normal kind you know where u lvl up your char but these chars are kinda cyborg robot kinda stuff u know future stuff. Gotta be free though dont wanna p2p. (Not cheap just i dont play much)

2. An online game where you build your town something like wurmonline, but wurmonline’s graphic stinks something like uhh caesar 3 u know building your own town and making alliance and stuff, not like age of empires online coz its like conquering kinda stuff……. A game where you build your empire and its like permanent where people can join ure empire and stuff.

kenspong answers:

Archlord Online is pretty good and good graphics

Or Bots Online is u like robots

Mark asks…

star wars questions?

1) In The New Hope (episode4), obi-wan says to darth in the fight, if you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can imagine…erm…what the heck did he mean by that?

2) Anakin is meant to be the greatest jedi that ever lived, according to what was said in the ep1,2,3; or it was hinted he would be, so was he, I saw no evidence of that at all.

3)Why couldnt Yoda kill/destroy the emperor in episode 3

4)In ep4 new hope, the x-wings fight in the trench of the death star, where exactly is that trent. The only thing noticed is the axis/equator around the death star but isnt that an opening for ships to fly in and out of?

5) is sifo dyas that helped create the clones actually darth sidious?

6) are the clones from episode 1,2,3 the same that are the storm troopers in the original trilogy

7) Empire strikes back, luke faces darth in a cave in degoba when being trained by Yoda, how was that possible, why and what did it mean?? Was that darth a robot?


kenspong answers:

1. He becomes a spirit, and is one with the force. Pretty powerful I guess.
2. He was very powerful and was supposed to be the “chosen one”, but just turned bad. He had greater potential than anyone who had ever lived, but just took the wrong path.
3. He is very old and gets worn out easily.
4. The entire Death Star is covered in trenches and pathways.
5. No.
6. Yes.
7. It was a vision, it didn’t really happen.

Hope this helps!

Ruth asks…

Anybody know or remember the NAME of this particular Tactical Role Playing Game?

I remember there used to be a game that was a tactical roleplaying game…a cross between an RPG and strategy/chess like game. Sorta like Final Fantasy Tactics.

I forgot the exact name of the game, I THOUGHT it was called Angel Empire or Empire of Angels…but apparently I was either wrong or just imagining reading it for some reason…when I first saw that game it was either in JPN or Chinese…I forgot, so long ago.

Anyways, the premise of the game is this…its a tactical roleplaying game, where…
– Each character you used could change their character classes too, from the basic archer, fighter, mage, and can branch off to new more unique classes.
– I remember a few memorable SPECIFIC classes in the game too…in every version of the game there would be a Dragon Rider. And I THINK that in everygame, theres supposed to be this monster trainer that could send a giant offscreen dinosaur to step on the enemy.
– When characters engage each other in combat, it would go to combat screen like in Super Robot Wars and just show the characters fighting and counter attacking.
– Also, I think some of the later versions, you could also have a monster in your team, it’s character classes are similar to humans classes, only monster versions…like becoming aquatic monsters is the equivalent of being a mage to a human.
And later there was even a character that builds stuff like bridges…
– Turn Based….like all Tactical RPGs…
– Anime themed art
And I’ll say it again, ALL the characters are female…no male was ever present for some reason

My question is…does anybody remember the NAME of this game!? I remember so many details about this game, but the name eludes me…I wanna try dling it…if I can read the game.

kenspong answers:

Well D&D you could do all that and more try that out

Maria asks…

The Simpsons NEED a Star Wars Episode!?

Okay! The Simpsons NEED a Star Wars episode! Why? Family Guy and Robot Chicken had Star Wars episodes! Those are good shows, no, great shows, just as good as South Park, BUT THE SIMPSONS IS A CULTURAL PHENOMENON! Those shows don’t compare to The Simpsons! I know you might say, “Family Guy and Robot Chicken make fun of pop culture events a lot!” But the Simpsons also have pop culture references every episode! With the Comic Book Guy, The Treehouse of Horror, etc. The Simpsons should do it on Treehouse of Horror #21! I mean, it’s the 30th anniversary of TESB, the best Star Wars fllick, NO, THE GREATEST MOVIE EVA! PERIOD! There is no better time! They should have a movie trilogy event: Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Empire Strikes Back, and Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King! I know you may think they would rip-off Family Guy, but I already have a joke for them:

Bart/Luke: I’ll never turn to the Darkside!
Homer/Vader: Oh yes you will! I am your father! Oh wait you were’nt supposed to know that one yet!
Bart/Luke: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woah, Mama, that was gay!

(btw Matt Groening, if you are reading this, I don’t mind if you use that joke! I won’t sue!)

The Simpsons and Star Wars! The best show meets the best movie! Wouldn’t that be sweet or what?

ps I saw an image of Bart as Luke and Homer as Vader. Was that a Star Wars Simpsons episode? If so, what season and what Episode#?

kenspong answers:

You should get in touch with the producers and tell them.

The Simpsons is famed for opening doors, not walking in after every other imitator has chosen parody for whole episodes.

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