Your Questions About Robots And Empire

Sandra asks…

Any games similar to Age of Empires?

I like games where you can build towns or cities, with people in them and then build an army and go destroy other cities.

I have already played all of the Age of Empires games.
I also played Age of Mythoygy.
And I played another game that was similar but it was in the present, with real army people and stuff I think it was called Rise of Nations.

Anyway is their any more “Age of somthing” games?

or is there anything similar?

I dont really like mechs or robots though, so dont say anything where I have to build a robot army. I wanna be able to build cities or towns with people in them, but also be able to have an army so I can fight.

Any good games like that? Also it needs to be free, if its just a demo that will do too, and it has to be for the computer. Thanks.

kenspong answers:

Civilization is a great game. I also have Rome Total War, which is similar.

Lizzie asks…

Age of Empires download????

I remember that i played an Age about 3 years ago, and i remember that i started like in the dark ages and there was another age with planes and nuclear bombs and there was a nano ago or something like that with robots and futuristic characters, but i don’t remember what was the name or if it was an update of another age, but i can’t find it, please someone help me with that and a link where i can get it from. Thanks.
I know that are many ages, but i don’t know if the one i want is age 4 or age 5, or if it’s an expansion of the age 3 or something.

kenspong answers:

Yes, that game is called Empire Earth, and is available in demo only. Search in Goggle if you want it.!

Maria asks…

what do you think of my style?

just curious..
some of my favourite items of clothing:
dark blue skinny jeans
purple t shirt (with a big silver star on it :D)
spotty (empire line?) vest
dark purple vest top
red babydoll shirt (i wear it under the purple vest)
grey hoodie with baseball boots all over it
ladybug t shirt
yellow belt with pink stars
black pyramid belt
lots of multi-coloured bracelets :p
robot necklace
bubbles (powerpuff girls) necklace
cassette tape necklace (as you can see i like jewelry)
shopper (bag) with rainbows all over it
giant bright pink sunnies
black converse (with leopard print laces ;])
pumps with velcro strap and apples on them

(sorry for the long list)
i love badges,bracelets,bright colours (ooh alliteration) and i like to make my outfits a bit unique..i love Japanese harajuku fashion and cartoon characters (MonoKuro Boo,Hello Kitty, Doraemon etc)
so what sort of style would you say i have?any stores you could recommend (i’m in the UK)?

kenspong answers:

I think you must look fab! There is a shop just opened in wakefield where young designers sell there collections. Its on the springs and it is called BEAU it is full of one offs and you can also have anything even your own designs made up so great for proms, party’s,my daughters love it its nice to buy something you know no one else is going to turn up wearing.

Helen asks…

Free MMo strategy game?

Alright, so i’m looking for an mmo game like age of empires maybe where you have to build your own army. I’m looking for something more futuristic with robots or something. I heard halo wars was similar to what i’m looking for but i want something free and on my computer online. Thanks 🙂

kenspong answers:

Free MMo strategy games:

Dreamlords: Resurrection

Dreamlords is a MMO-cross genre strategy game that combines role playing aspects such as character development, trade skills, and empire management with an RTS combat mode.

Bounty Hounds Online

In BHO, players will act as a mercenary who is employed by a private ammo enterprise to explore the distant galaxy. Players will then need to lead thousands of fellows through fire and water in order to earn handsome reward. In the game, players will suffer fierce shellfire in battlefield, fight against brand new mechanic species and finally unveil the conspiracy behind justice, and they can also capture various extraterrestrial creatures.

DarkSpace is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game set in the time of space travel and interstellar warfare. The universe has become a tumultuous place in the future of political infighting, economic sanctions and diplomatic posturing.

William asks…

Help with my Story Plot?

in this alternate reality instead of george washington winning the american revolutionary war he is shot by a sharp shooter and Ben Franklin takes place as king when defeat after defeat leads the U.S. to need a temporary ruler more powerful than a head of the executive branch. As a result the U.S. becomes the U.E.A. (United Empire of America, and it invades canada ). Franklin dies before he relinquishes power leaving his Daughter in power and making the U.S. a monarchy. Up to today’s date there are eight major nations/Empires that dominate the globe: The U.E.A., the CSA ( yes the south won ),the Nazi empire, The USSR, the Japanese empire, The UK, France, and China. Tensions are still heavy with these great nations.

There is one major difference in this time lines way of battle, each nation has only one mecha or a huge robotic humanoid robot piloted by about 4-10 people that can devastate an entire battle field. Since every nation only has one the pilots are hand picked they have a great honor upon themselves.
I was planning to make the story on one of the Captains of a nation and his view on the world`s position.



Appreciated =D

kenspong answers:

Too confusing, it would require a lot of research to explain the rewriting of history since the Civil War probably wouldn’t have occurred if the US was an empire so there would be no Confederacy. The mecha thing sounds too anime/manga cliched.

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