Your Questions About Robots And Empire

Daniel asks…

Is it possible that this line from a famous tv show has truth ?

This has happened before and will all happen again from Battlestar galactica (2003 ) and it’s about how man was wiped out by it’s own technology (robots) a couple thousand lived and recolonized another world developed robots( wiped out ) and colonised another world this our peoples likely future by which I mean we develop technology ( robots ) it rebels a few survive and colonise another world (so basically we will forever be doomed due to our ignorance e.g roman empire falls 2000 years later western western civilisation doomed to fall ?

kenspong answers:

That’s kind of funny. What a rip off of The Terminator. In T2: Judgment Day they say something like: “It’s in the nature of mankind to destroy ourselves.” R.I.P. Good movies and bad 2003 wannabees, lol j/k. Nah, really, I don’t know. I do think that we are going to destroy ourselves with nukes though…a la the first/original Planet of the Apes.

Mandy asks…

Found various old PC games, worth anything?

This quesion is for all the OG die hard gamers
I found a bunch of old pc games in storage
are any of them worth anything? Would they be worth more as a set?
Would anyone be interested in buying them?

I’ve listed them here by name and year, if I could find it
note: I only have the disks, and for some, the little instructions manual that came in the original case; I also have a set of “Keys” to various games, if it matters, make sure to mention it

Halo 2003
No One Lives Forever 2 (both discs) 2002
Emperor: Battle for Dune (discs 1,3 and ,4) 2001
Duke Nukem 3d Complete verion
Nocturne (2 discs) 1999
WarCraft III:Reign of Chaos 2002
Myth: The Fallen Lords 1997
Diablo II (Install disc, cinematics disc, Play disc, expansion set) 2001
Everquest 1999
Everquest: The ruins of kunark
Baldur’s Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast 1999
Dragon’s Lair 1993
Diablo 1996
Descent 1995
Age of Empires 1997
Darkstone 1999
Crime City 1992
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: the angel fo darkness Disc 1 2003
Hidden and Dangerous 1999
Rise of the Robots 1994
Iron Maiden Ed Hunter 1999
Uprising2 Lead and destroy 1998
Command & Conquer Yuri’s Revenge 2001
Jump Raven 1993
MechWarrior 2: 31st century combat: ATI 3D rage edition 1995
Computer Gaming world february 2006 #259 Quake 4
Quake III Arena 1999
Sim golf 2001
Moto Racer 1997
Sim Theme park 1999
Sim theme park Gold Edition 2000
The Sims Deluxe edition (CD 1 & 2 ) 2000
Star Wars Rebel Assault II:the hidden empire (disks 1 and 2) 1995
Star Wars X-wing vs Tie fighteer (multiplayer disc and master disc) 1997
Star Wars Tie fighter wars collector’s cd-rom 1995
Lego star wars the video game 2005
Star Wars galaxies february 2006 pc gamer
Star Wars Empire at War computer gaming world march 2006 #260
StarLancer 2000
Starcraft expansion set:brood war 1999
Emergency fighters for life 1998
Papyrus IndyCar Racing Sierra Original 1996
Pokemon Gotta MAKE ’em all! 1999
The Movies April 2006 PC Gamer
Astrology Source 1993
TImeshift maximum CD April 2006
Rocket Jockey 1996
Mission: Humanity 2000
Heretic Kingdoms: The inquisition 2005
Battlefield 2142 May 2006 PC Gamer
Backyard Soccer 2004
Riven: The sequel to myst (discs 1-5) 1997
Magic the Gathering Core GAte Demo version 2003
Hot Shots: The sega screen shot collection1997
Skitzmix 16
Hardball 5 1995
Monopoly 2001
Crayola Magic 3d coloring book: Favorite places 1999
Casino deluxe 2 1996
Ultimate solitaire
Secret weapons of the luftwaffe 1991
Solitaire antics deluxe 2000
Disney animated storybook 101 Dalmations 1996
Rage software plc expendable 1999


kenspong answers:

Probably to collectors only. You can try ebay, Craigslist or any auction or collector’s site to see if there’s any interest out there for them.

Mark asks…

The Beginning Of New Era China 2050?

Most of the people think that in 2050 everything will change, people will start using flying cars and robots will be all around serving us giving a massage. But that’s is science friction, and nothing else. Now i will show you the truth.

In 2050, the world will see a change which it never seen before. America which is known as the strongest nation will be fighting for its survival. Russia will be playing cold war games to devastate the weak economy of America.
The only powerful player will be China…the great china. It will have the strongest and the largest military in the world with a huge population. Behind it will be developing India which will be still many centuries behind in front of China’s Technology. Most of the small countries will be under China’s rule. There will be no South or north Korea. There will be nothing left except china which will be known as the powerful leader of decade.
China will finish all opposing countries by the military or nuclear power. All the countries will be in continuous pressure by China to give up and supply all the resources to China and bow the head before the mighty Empire. That’s the great China.

There will be technology which will be more powerful and beyond human imagination. And the creator of that Technology will be china. Soon China will increase it’s empire all over the globe. And there will be no country left except big and huge China.

People will start fighting, clashes will happen against Communism and mighty China. But it will not even affect the 1 percent of China’s growing economy.

Now you have readied what i imagined. Tell me if it can be true or it’s just the dream.
Feel free to comment.
Thanks for answers in advance

kenspong answers:

Nobody can know for sure what it will be in 40 years.
Can you imagine what the world is now in the 70’s?
That the powerful Soviet Union has imploded (well, with a lot of urging and promises from the US)? That China has grow from a hermit nation that nobody cares to a world power it is today?
Well, I hope that the following will happen:
–China will emerge as a world economic and political power. I won’t say it will be a super power though, as in the sense that the US is for the past half century.
–China will undergo political change, and peaceful transition toward democracy, maybe in 10 years from now. Communism will be irrelevant by then (if not already by now).
–I don’t see war between China and US, at least not initiated by China. There is a dependence between these countries.

Richard asks…

Anyone Know Some Romantic Animated Movies…Non-Anime?

Everything romantic, that is animated completely and without any anime! No anime movies please.

I’ve Seen:

– Sinbad
– Shrek
– Shrek 2
– Shrek 3
– Shrek 4
– Shrek the Halls
– The Road to El Dorado
– Shark Tales
– Flushed Away
– Chicken Run
– Madagascar 1
– Madagascar 2
– Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
– Megamind
– Monsters vs Aliens
– How To Train Your Dragon

Don Bluth
– Anastasia
– Thumbelina
– Titan A E
– The Pebble and the Penguin
– A Troll in Central Park
– All Dogs Go To Heaven
– Banjo the Woodpile Cat

Studio Ghibli
– Castle in the Sky
– The Cat Returns

DC Comics
– Superman Doomsday
– Superman/Batman Public Enemies
– Superman/Batman Apocalypse
– DC Showcase: Green Arrow
– DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam! : The Return of Black Adam
– Justice League: The New Frontier
– All Star Superman
– The Batman and Superman Movie: World’s Finest

Marvel Animation
– Thor: Tales of Asgard

Non-Disney Misc.
– The Swan Princess
– The Swan Princess 2
– The Swan Princess 3
– Fern Gully
– The Nutcracker Prince
– The Nuttiest Nutcracker
– Quest for Camelot
– The Princess and the Pea
– Balto
– Ice Age
– Ice Age 2
– Once Upon a Forest
– Alvin and the Chipmunks Adventure
– My Scene (Jammin in Jamaica/Masquerade Madness/My Scene Goes Hollywood)
– Curious George
– Happily N’ever After
– Happily N’ever After 2
– The Iron Giant
– Animal Farm
– Pokemon (The First Movie, 2000, Mewtwo Returns, 3, 4Ever, Heroes, Ranger and the Temple of the Sea)
– Happy Feet
– The King and I
– The Prince of Egypt
– Veggie Tales- Jonah
– Veggie Tales-Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson’s Hairbrush
– How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2002)
– The Simpson’s Movie
– Gay Purr ee
– Totally Spies
– Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
– Hoodwinked
– The Barbie Diaries
– Polly World
– The Jetsons: The Movie
– Astro Boy
– Tristan and Isolde
– Gnomeo and Juliet
– Rio
– The Thief and the Cobbler
– The Nutty Professor
– Romeo and Juliet: Sealed With A Kiss
– The Archies in JugMan
– Alpha and Omega

– Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
– Bambi
– Melody Time
– Cinderella
– Cinderella 2
– Cinderella 3
– Peter Pan
– Peter Pan 2
– Lady and the Tramp
– Sleeping Beauty
– 101 Dalmatians
– 101 Dalmatians 2
– The Sword in the Stone
– The Aristocats
– Robin Hood
– The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
– The Fox and the Hound
– The Fox and the Hound 2
– The Black Cauldron
– Oliver and Company
– The Little Mermaid
– The Little Mermaid 2
– The Little Mermaid 3
– Beauty and the Beast
– Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas
– Aladdin
– Aladdin 2
– Aladdin 3
– The Lion King
– The Lion King 2
-The Lion King 1/2
– Pocahontas
– Pocahontas 2
– The Hunchback of Notre Dame
– The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2
– Hercules
– Mulan
– Mulan 2
– Tarzan
– Tarzan 2
– Tarzan 3
– The Emperor’s New Groove
– The Emperor’s New Groove 2
– Atlantis the Lost Empire
– Atlantis the Lost Empire 2
– Treasure Planet
– The Princess and the Frog
– A Bugs Life
– Finding Nemo
– Monsters Inc.
– A Goofy Movie
– An Extremely Goofy Movie
– The Incredibles
– Toy Story
– Toy Story 2
– Toy Story 3
– Tinker Bell
– Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
– Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
– Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse
– Disney Princess Enchanted Tales
– Mickey Mouse: The Prince and the Pauper
– Alice in Wonderland
– Ratatouille
– Tangled
– Pinocchio

Remember no anime movie suggestions please!
Sigh. I know those are animes… I know my stuff! I just don’t want more ones! Please don’t suggest anime movies or shows. Thanks.
I’ve seen Gay Pur ee, it’s on the list.
I have seen Mary Poppins but I did specifically ask for “completely” animated films. No live action…

kenspong answers:

The Castle in the Sky, The Cat Returns, Pokemon movies, Astro Boy (not the movie) are anime. The Studio Ghibli ones have been released by Disney, but that doesn’t mean they’re not anime. Pokemon movies are obviously anime, they’ve just been heavily edited to the point where they’ve been Americanized.
Astro Boy was one of the first popular anime series based on the manga by Osamu Tezuka in the 60’s.

William asks…

What will happen to society when automation gets to the point that no one has to do anything?

In the warhammer 40,000 setting (a science fiction setting in the year 40,000 AD, go look it up if you want) there is a race called the ‘eldar’ who at some point managed to automate their society to the point that they literally had to do nothing to survive. this resulted in their race becoming highly hedonistic (and sadistic) literally turning their cities into playgrounds for them to play their murderous games. its a long story, but they do suffer consequences for this (namely the birth of an evil god that continues to devour their race, they cant do anything to stop him and inevitibly he will bring their race to extinction)

but i was wondering, what would we do in reality if automation got this far? the eldar were already an interstellar empire when they achieved this, though honstly i imagine we’ll accomplish this within the next few centuries (if not the next century). you already see this to some extent. in the modern age you dont see hundreds of workers in the farmfields, a single guy can work the same field all by himself. robots are becoming increasingly common in factories, to the point that humans only act as product inspectors (a role that more and more computers are starting to take, mostly in production lines that produce an absurd number of products) and maybe maintenance workers. though most ppl seem to view this as progress, all this means is there is several million less jobs for ppl to take. in my home town here everyone used to work in the factories, but now the factories have all either shut down or moved, and now we have an entire city of employed ppl, most of which dont even have high-school education bc when they were young, it was completely unnessecary.

how will society adjust as this continues to increase? eventually, work that humans can perform will become rarer and rarer to the point that unemployment will actually be NORMAL, and increasingly difficult to avoid until it gets to the point that no one will literally have to work.

how entire society is designed so that you can only survive if you work. though that makes sense, now this is becoming a liability, and if this system isnt changed, what you’re going to have is an entire nation of starving homeless ppl bc there are no more jobs for anyone to take. the only way i can imagine life continuing as it is, is if the government just starts handing out money to ppl so they can survive (like communists often want it seems). though honestly? i think that’s extremely unlikely. most likely the human race will suffer a massive die-off, as civilians become unnessecary, with humans either being in the goverment controlling the nation’s action, almost entirely through automated factories and war robots, while the few ppl outside the goverments live lives like barbarians in the wilderness.

but i would like some other opinions. what will happen in the future as automation continues to advance and become increasingly common, making it impossible to get jobs simply bc there are none to be had?

kenspong answers:

What I think MAY happen is a scenario from the Robert Anton Wilson trilogies from the 1970s. The government may give everyone who can automate him/herself out of a job a lump sum of money (about $100K since it will automate others out of the same position). Either the receiver will just rest on their laurels and spend the day watching the tube, having sex or acquiring lots of stuff. Or, the more likely scenario is that they will take another job and then automate themselves (and others) for another lump sum of money, etc., etc.

Mind you, after 2012, who knows if we’ll even have the ability to automate. I’m placing my money on technology failing (especially since there is NO SOLAR FLARE SHIELDING on any power grid in the world!) The space stations have it but no one here seems to have adopted it. Considering that 2012 is a solar maximum year, it’s certainly something worth thinking about.

Regardless, I think humanity is creative and curious, and even if we are not “working”, we will write and paint and play music. There are languages to learn, sights to see and thoughts to think. We need nature and will continue to garden and keep animal companions. Our anatomies will shrivel without movement, our brains atrophy without thought or creativity. Humanity will NEVER completely automate

And if we poison Earth to the point of no return, then we will go out to explore the planets and stars.

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