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Linda asks…

Nintendo DS Question!!?

My six year old is playing on episode V-The Empire Strikes Back of Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga. It’s where this spaceship flies and shoots lazers at these little robots. He cannot defeat the one big four-legged robot in order for the gate to open up. Any help would be great!!! Thank you!!

kenspong answers:

Best place to look foro this kind of info is best place to find hints guides and cheats this will give you any info you want on any game… Most of the time

Sharon asks…

Why do people like romance?

I am worried about myself and my goals in life are to become the richest guy in the world and to secetly take control over the world by buying out governments and setting up my own empire where I will use mind control to control the minds of all humans to make them my slaves to work for me and the other kings of the world who have noble blood like I do. I believe romance is a waste of time and that since it is too soft and dramatic. Love is disgusting and it should be destroyed. No real man should ever show any emotion, yet we have all of these weak fools showing love and affection. Men should be like robots and women should not be able to work and should spend her time cleaning and taking care of the household. I will make sure that when I am king, no one will be able to show emotion when I implant them with devices that destroy the frontal lobe of the brain, which shows emotion. All humans will be empty, worthless slaves for me.

kenspong answers:

Oh no you juss didnt. Let me tell you one thing. You need to get a hobby first of all cuz this crap is juss stupid!
And second, romance is NOT a waste of time. It is something every person should feel at one time or another in their life. It is passion, desire. And love is not disgusting and should not be destroyed. If love was destroyed our world would be such chaos. And would go straight to hell. And it takes a real man ot show love and affection. And it doesnt show weakness. It takes a strong person to put themself out there and risk getting hurt in one of the worse possible ways. You risk alot when you commit your love to someone cuz they have all the power in the world to hurt you really bad. And third, let me tell you one other thing, women were made to live a life, not clean a house and having babies. WE deserve ot have a life too. We are not toys for men to play with. You are an arrogent lil S.O.B and you need to find a hobby and get somehting better to do. This whole question thing u posted is all bullshit!! You need ot be thankful for love, love is why u are alive. If somebody didnt love and care for you, you would be dead right now.

James asks…

Imperium of Man Vs. Twilight?

Let’s see…..
A galaxy-spanning empire of quadrillions Genetically-enhanced super-soldiers that could destroy a tank with a finger,Inquisitors who exterminate planets at the SMALLEST sign of heresy,Trillions of soldiers armed with lasers that could out-zerg the zerg… Oh. And Walking Robots the size of Monaco. And Psychics that could rip apart a continent with a single thought. And the others.
A Bunch of vampires.

kenspong answers:

Purge the Xenos, the Mutant and the Heretic!!!

Lizzie asks…

What do you think of these story ideas?

I have a few ideas that i would like an opinion on.

1) (No Name)
This story begins with a young journalist who, upon entering her apartment notices a door down at the end of the hallway. She walks through the door, not recognising it previously. Upon entering the room she discovers that it is empty. She turns around and sees a blank wall. Panicking she calls her friend who stumbles through the door and is too trapped. The two must find a way to get out and call the police. They send someone who thinks it is a prank. He enters the room and is trapped. The three later discover a door which leads them into a black room. They turn on the lights and find themselves faced with a death trap. A voice enters into the room and tells the three that they must survive a series of trials if they want to survive. They attempt the trails and firstly the policeman dies. Next is the friend and the main character is left last. She too, sadly dies. In the end of the story, another person enters the room…

2) (No name)
This story is focused on a couple of FBI agents (boy and girl) who are sent to investigate a disappearance. They start investigating and find out that a nearby school is filled with deadly mechanic robot schoolchildren. They go to the school and a fight ensues. The main character pulls the fire alarm activating the sprinklers and stopping the children. They then leave, being chased by an angry headmistress (robot) who chases them. The agents kill the robot headmistress and go back to the HQ. They put a metallic sample of “blood” under the microscope and discover that it is special liquid to help keep the robot active. A source of perpetual energy. They are then phoned by an anonymous caller who tells them to meet them at a certain set of co-ordinates. (I might have another activity in between the school and the next part) They follow the co-ordinates to a volcano where, deep inside, they discover that someone is making these robots. They go into the volcano and find the maker. A fight ensues after the maker releases his plans of world domination by robots. He is currently using the magma deep beneath the volcano to help make the robots. The main character defeats the bad guy (?) and the couple leave (after defeating robots). I am looking at a sequel if it goes well.

3) (No name)
My final story is an adventure. One scientist creates a shadow into a life form. Sadly the shadow has a mind of it’s own and kills him. It then goes on a rampage, converting humans into shadows themselves. The scientist’s nephew learns of this and goes to try and stop them. With the help of another scientist (girl), the two go to find help, amassing a group of 5 people. The group then rebel against the shadows, avoiding contact and using special light (created by the scientist) to destroy the shadows, as they thrive in sunlight. But the shadows fight back and encase the island of Manhattan in a sheet of a black foggy substance. The group use the light where they can but, trapped in the empire state building, they cannot get out without being encased in the fog. They then go to the top and use the light to destroy the fog on the roof. They fight the shadows who rise from the fog and eventually kill most of the shadows. They then fight the first ever shadow and win, with 3 fatalities. The sheet disappears and Manhattan and the world is saved.

If you like these ideas or have any opinions, please comment 🙂 I also need titles for all three stories. thnx.

kenspong answers:

1. Seems very interesting (: I don’t know if I would read a story like that because it’s not “my cup of tea” so to speak but it still seems good none the less. I’m sorry I can’t help you with the title because I’m horrible at titles! I have a hard enough time trying to think of a name for my stories.

2. This story seems very confusing. It’s almost like a lot of things are happening at once and I’m sorry but I really don’t like those kind of stories. Like I barely understand any of it so I probably won’t read this story ether.

3. Now this is something I would definitely read! This seems the most exciting out of three. It’s a very adventurous and fantasy like. Seems like there is a lot of action and I like those type of books. I’m sorry I can’t help with the title but I’m sure you’ll find someone to help.

Betty asks…

Fantasy novel opinions/ideas?

I am planning on writing a fantasy novel and the story is so far in bits and pieces. I would like to know what you think of my ideas i have so far, feel free to comment:
_The protagonist of the story is the son of a emperor born and raised in a empire where constant warfare is part of everyday life. His personality is of a negative, dark, objective, cynic and a genius in warfare tactics and how to manage a economy. Eventually he become the new emperor and starts a twisted goal to unify a broken world as one though force or in other words world domination for the greater good.
_Royals and monarchs such as kings, queens and princess will be mentioned for political reasons so if the protagonist does get married to a princess of another kingdom, its purely for economical and political reasons though she will provide moral guidance for the troubled emperor.
__The emperors empire is a large ,powerful and warlike land which has access to a wide arsenal of gunpowder and steam powered weapons such as percussion capped rifles, explosives, hand cranked powered rapid fire weapons (Gatling gun), steam tanks, flying machines, ironclad battle ships/submarines and even steam powered mechs (giant robots).
__The emperor (haven’t found a name for him yet) starts using portals to conquer different worlds and builds a even bigger empire but he stumbles upon a world where most of the story will take place This land is home to humans, elves, dwarfs, orcs and other mythical creatures who live in a culture where swords and magic are preferred over guns and technology. Its basically a classic fantasy setting which i will try to write differently, i know i cant beat Tolkien.
_As the story progresses, the emperor makes progress in its conquest but as he learns about the world, he eventually falls in love with it and when invaders (demons) from another world arrive on the scene, the conquerors (the empire) becomes the protectors and try to repel the invaders.
_The theme is a much more mature, gritty and dark opposed to other fantasy novels. If it were ever to be made into a movie (if it passes through to the editor) it would be beyond R rated.

Well that’s all i got so far tell me what you think and feel free to add any thing else. Thanks for taking the time to reading this.

kenspong answers:

That sounds like a book I would really like. I love the whole plot! The emperor, having a pessimistic personality and all, should make really depressing comments on everything that happens ( slightly funny comments though, not purely depressing ). Also, you should make the emperor pretty young, ( older than 16 and younger than 25 ) I like stories that take place before guns and such, so I like how the world through the portal involves magic, swords, and mythical creatures. I think having that variety of setting will allow you to be extremely creative. I’m adding you as a contact, you should keep me posted on the development of the story.

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