Your Questions About Robots And Donuts

David asks…

Yellow guys and donuts or robots and ray guns?

kenspong answers:

Yellow Guys and Donuts.


Helen asks…

Where can I get donut premix?

I have an automatic donut robot, and I want to use proper donut premix with it. But most companies don’t sell direct to the public (only to proper bakeries), and those that do are a little out of the way for pickup.

Does anyone know of a company in Metro Melbourne who will supply this product to the public?
I am after premix, rather than a from-scratch recipe, because it reduces the variables of the mixture. If something is wrong with the former, it is harder to find the problem.

kenspong answers:

I assume you have a donut mix dropper. That you fill with a donut batter and it will drop the donut form right into the hot oil. You don`t have to buy a premix donut batter you can make it yourself. Here are some recipes that might help

Paul asks…

We did not find results for: I have an automatic robot to make mini donuts, but in my country do not get the m?

buy a robot to make mini donuts in my country and sell ready-mix .. but they sell is too expensive to import to MyCountry .. I need to prepare a mixture for donuts that the cutting machine to make mini donut .. I have already proven other ways but the mixture is very elastic and the machine does not cut Donita .. please help

kenspong answers:

Pilimur, if I am understanding you correctly, your donut batter is to thick, too much of the donut flour and not enough liquid. The machine you have if I am also correct in saying, has a funnel type batter extractor at one end. The batter or dough for the donuts should be a little thicker in consistency than pancake mix, but not too thick. So as the batter drops it makes the donut hole and cuts the required batter.

Sharon asks…

what show is the line “join the Dark Side, we have cookies” from?

i can’t remember where i’ve heard that line from but it seems like it would be Family Guy or Robot Chicken even though i know it’s probably not. I also think that it may be donuts instead of cookies and i also remember like a day of the week in there too like “join the dark side, we have donuts on thursdays” or something like that… but its driving me crazy and i can’t remember the exact line or more importantly where i heard it from… help!!!

kenspong answers:



Hi Topher-

I have been searching all over the place for the quote, “Come to the Dark side, We Have Cookies (Donuts)”

Cu’z you had mentioned the 2 tv programs, that is where I started my search, however both came up empty. From there I looked for ANY tv program, and still, nothing! So I broadened my search and finally got SOME-THING!


This actually was said in 2 MOVIES.
2. SPACE BALLS (which makes total sense!)

That’s all I got!

Take Care!! Lillsoma

_______ ~_~.


Donald asks…

i dont come here for comfort, i come here for peace?

in the suburbs, my father drinks
in the suburbs, everything stinks
in the suburbs, its just you and terror
in the suburbs, get your punk ass out of the mirror
in the suburbs, you play with the dream
in the suburbs, no one says what they mean
in the suburbs, self-absorption shows its shameless face
in the suburbs, home is not this place
in the suburbs, hate will eat you alive
in the suburbs, you are lucky if you don’t die
in the suburbs, you will become what you hate
in the suburbs, run before its too god damned late
in the suburbs, dogs bark like robots
in the suburbs, cops still like donuts
in the suburbs, you will be empty and drained
in the suburbs, because fame is their game
in the suburbs, arbitrary cell phone usage
in the suburbs, put it away you are abusive
in the suburbs, i want to punch you in the face
in the suburbs, there is no grace
in the suburbs, this must be the place
in the suburbs, i leave no trace

kenspong answers:

Okay Okay Okay…. I just went against all my rules on Y!A by reading this all the way through. Before I state my opinion, if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!! That means if you post this on here, expect backlash.

Let’s start with your rhyming: Get a thesaurus and get synonyms of words you can’t rhyme so you can choose a word that means the same thing that you can come up with a rhyme for it.

Now the rhythm: You had barely any rhythm, you changed it up so much, I got confused!!!

Now the CONSTRUCTIVE part of my Criticism: Keep working on it, you’re not going to write a masterpiece if you just started poetry, just like any good thing, it takes PRACTICE.

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