Your Questions About Robots And Cupcakes

Sandy asks…

invader zimmmmmmmmmmmmm?

i’m looking for a gir wallpaper. (the robot which dresses up as a green dog)

i want it to be tiled (you know, like patterned or being repeated or something). and i want him to be as a dog, not as a robot. i want it only to be him. ONLY him. well there can be props like cupcakes or stars or hearts or something but i mean i don’t want zim in it. and it would be better if it shows the different feelings of gir (mad, happy, normal, blah blah blah).. can anyone pleeeeeeease help? i’ve been looking for one since a long long time agoooo. ten points to the one who can help! 🙂

oh and another question!
do you like invader zim? who’s your favorite character? thanks. :>

kenspong answers:

Here’s one:
and another one:
and another one ;]

And I love Invader Zim! I love Gir ;]
I love it when he screamed “Hi Baby!”
And when he said “Your head smells like a puppy!”
Best character ever! ;p

EDIT: Here are some of his different faces together that you can tile as a wallpaper:

Robert asks…

What Would Go Well with this??? Please Help?

I just got a my new Johnny Cupcakes shirt. But i just don’t know what would go great with it. The colors are just not everyday colors that I wear lol. I’m a Fitted hat wearing guy that needs a nice hat to go with the get up. and quit frankly I’m stumped with these colors. Any ideas for colors in hats would be much appreciated thanks!! =)

Oh yeah heres what it looks like:
The links were a fail this one is better :
You guys got some nice ideas. Yeah i was thinking the same about the the red or green fitted hat with all over balck.

LMFAO and no i’m not thirty i’m in my prime of 19 lol

kenspong answers:

Alright well an obvious answer would be “pick a hat with either red, yellow or green”
but im thinkin either red or green because those colors sorta dominate the shirt. Even a black fit-it with red or green. Also if you want, black jeans and sneakers with the colors of red or green.
I hope i helped =)

Paul asks…

What’s more likely….?

The way things are going will people turn out to be more like those on Wall-E or like people in Ghost in the Shell?

Or something else and what would it be?

Wall-E: “The people in Wall-E drink “cupcakes-in-a-cup,” they never exercise, and if they happen to fall off their hovering chairs, they thrash around like babies until a robot helps them up. They watch TV all day long and can barely read.” Source :

Ghost in the Shell: With superhuman bodies that are “almost completely mechanized; only the brain …remains organic.” from Wikipedia

kenspong answers:

I would say people will turn out like ghost in the shell

Lisa asks…

i want a cupcake so badly :(?

but im just too lazy and my personal robot isn’t working. What to do?
@blonde chick! good idea, but i cant reach the phone :'( its half a metre away… I WANT A CUPCAKE. When all fails i cry
@I Ask Stupid Questions could i like borrow that cupcake? PLEASE, i’ll return it but it wont be in its original form … :S
@ EvE i need to cry because its my main water supply since the sink is downstairs. So i will cry to keep alive
I NEED URGENT HELP HERE PEOPLES! i could potentially die of severe starvation :/
@dragon the shop is down the road and i haven’t got out of this chair since 1990 -_- i cant phone either as stated earlier
maybe i should just give up.
@student Send ur husband, boyfriend, roomate, or child to go pick one up for you.
I dont have any one of those, im quite alone in the world :’
Fine i’ll just die, ive been waiting for an answer for almost two hours now. Farewell my friends
@libby as stated earlier i have no contacts or friend to email :/
@emu why are you giving me useless imformation?
@Thursaday OMG I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY LIFESAVER before i found out that the link was broken ;/

kenspong answers:

My ex-husband used to say, “It’s not what you want that makes you fat…it’s what you get”.
In your case that would be nothing.

Nancy asks…

House and room makeover?!?

I really want to redo my bedroom and bathroom.

My whole bed, pillow, curtain, and rug things going on in my room are all taken care of but as far as rad art prints and room deco where can i get that? i like kid robot gloomy bear hello kitty and vintage items<3 Bathroom. I want a whole cupcake, candy, girly, hello kitty theme. SO anything from candles to wall fixtures or bathroom stuff? I am really into colors. My room is very pink, black, and blue. Please help me out with the raddest stuff you like or can find!!


kenspong answers:

I love everything at
have awesome stuff and ideas..
Also, go to
that sight is very vintage.

Hope i helped!
Xoxo, tori

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