Your Questions About Robots And Cupcakes

Sandy asks…

i need help with a scene name?

i need a scene name
it seems i cant think of one on my own
my name is ricole i go by re
i like the following
jeffree star
hello kitty
words like rawrr and stellar

please help
and dont be mean

kenspong answers:

Ricole kitty star:)
astethic ricole.

Did my best(:

Ruth asks…

what’s a good screen name?

Name:: Eleni
Nickname:: Eni, Lani, Kat, Ellie, Ella.
Hometown:: Mount Vernon, OH.
Favorite Color:: purple and black
Favorite Food & Drink:: pizza, mountian dew, AMP.
Favorite Song:: my favorite song changes alot, but my fav band is Family Force 5.
Favorite Store:: hot topic and aeropostale
Sports:: volleyball, cheerleading, skateboarding.
Hair Color:: dark brown
Eye Color:: green
Cool Words:: Sonic, Technicolor, Buzzle, Frazzle, Supercalifragilisticexpialidosious.

additional details: Cupcakes, Glitter, Emo/Scene, Boys, Neon colors, Robots, Angels, Scary Stuff, Giraffes, Tigers, Cats, Kangeroos, and Penguins.


kenspong answers:

Pick something you might not regret in a year. So, nothing about favorite bands, or stores. Besides, do you really want an advertisement in your name? 😉

stick with basics about you… Your favorite colors, animals, etc. Don’t use your real name, or anything close to it (though it’s a very pretty name)… Because someone COULD conceivably use it to find you.

Idealy, you want something that ONLY YOU will be using, because it’s no fun at all to sign up somewhere and find out that someone’s using YOUR name. (my main screen name I’ve used for 10 years and I’ve only had it already be in use maybe 3 or 4 times, lol) … If this is important to you, google it first. Also, it’s good idea to google it also so that you don’t come up with something “questionable” on accident, lol…


And so on from there 😀

If you hang out in chats or forums, always think about how people might abbreviate it. ‘Glitter’ is awesome.. But someone might shorten that to 4 letters, which might not be good, lol!

Also, dont’ be afraid to make something up. There are lots of random names out there you could use .. Or just put some letters together in a fun way. Like.. Tebuzzidoscious or…. Frazzlonix or… SupercalaSonilicious… Or.. Buzzicolors… NeoRoboAngelus… Which reminds me…

Consider playing with other languages. “angelus” is latin for angel.. Neko is japanese for cat… But you have to be careful, because a Tiger’s ‘scientific name’ is “panthera tigris’ which isn’t very itneresting.. BUT! A Giraffe is “Giraffa camelopardalis”… So you COULD do something like Pantheracamelopadalis which is a real mouthful but NO ONE ELSE will ever be using it 🙂

Of course.. Pantheracamelopadalis is a bit long for a username D: so, maybe you should try something shorter.. How about this blending of Kangaroo and Cougar? Macropusconcolor?

Tigers have a whole lot of different scientific names… Panthra Tigris is the ‘big family name” but there are all sorts of ‘sub families (these are like the bengal tiger and the siberian tiger) that have cool words in them… Like.. Corbetti (Indochinese Tiger) or amoyensis (South China Tiger) or altaica (Siberian Tiger)…

So.. You could go wild with.. Techniconcolor or AltaicaAngelus … Or RoboAmoyensis … Go nuts! 😀

I also have answered a question like this before.. Have a look over in the source and see if anything there inspires you 🙂

Good luck and HAVE FUN!

Ken asks…

Last week my girlfriend yelled at me every minute of the day, berated me every time I entered the room, and…

was basically torture to be around. I asked her what the problem was. She responded with, “It’s just my time of the month. Deal with it.”

What does “my time of the month” mean? Is there a certain time of the month when girls are impossible to please, no matter how hard you try? I even tried to feed her chocolate and cupcakes to shut her up, but it didn’t work. Do girls get really angry because there’s a full moon or something?

PLEASE HELP!!! I don’t know what’s going on. Does a robot hijack a woman at some point during the month? I hope not, because I don’t want to have sex with a robot.

PS- Blow-up dolls don’t count as robots, MICHAEL JARETT, thank you very LITTLE.

kenspong answers:

When she gets that way, just cool your jets. Go take a walk or something and give her some space. Maybe you’re being too clingy.

Laura asks…

Do you think by About Me sounds alright..?

I change it quite alot from just basic stuff, to something simple and sweet, sometimes its long and really detailed..
sorry its long but please read itt?
I don’t know what to do with it; but here’s what it says:

To start, I’m Carly. I change alot but that’s one thing that will never change. I’m Carly, I’m me, I’m something you will never be. I made the world a better place on February 27th(; I’m a really firm Christian and church is my favorite place to be.! I attend East as an eighth grader. I reside in thee 406, aka Montana; Great Falls to be exact! I’ma California girl though, took my first steps on a beach; San Luis Obispo is my place of choice x] I’m all for creativity and individuality. I support same sex marriage; but personally have no attraction to women. I like people, I’m really sensitive. I’m textually active,[textaholic]. I don’t have a ton of friends, but having a few true friends, I’ve realized, is way better than having a hundred fakes. I’m in a relationship, a really complicated one, but I’m very happy with it all. I think beauty comes from within. I really don’t like compliments, I don’t know how to respond, I mean, you know those awkward thank you’s…? I love the city,, the outdoors aren’t for me. I like a more fabulous lifestyle, but there’s nothing wrong with simple people… I’m someone that needs to express myself. I really like writing, they say I wanna be a writer when I grow up, but I already am a writer; I’d like to have a career with writing though, I’m very passionate about the way I use words… I don’t eat fast food, and haven’t for months and months. It’s just greasy and disgusting. I’m someone that just wants to be everyone’s friend. I like to think of myself of a good person, hopefully you think so, too? I don’t believe love fades or disappears, it just might hide away until you’re ready for more; and maybe God sends you some wrong people so you’re very grateful when you find that person you get to call the one. Basically I think love is all you need. No lies, just love.

Likes: rainy days, little kids, long walks, holding hands, froot loops, church, strawberry capri sun, bubblegum, photography, poetry, reading, writing, smiling, people, laughing, loud music, body art, texting, internet, singing, peanut butter, robots, fashion, thunder storms, Jeffree Star, late night phone calls, waking up to texts, hugs, mystery, Marilyn Monroe, vintage, skinny jeans, make-up, twitter, dinosaurs, Audrey Hepburn, making lists, ninjas, talking, dressing up, styling hair, creativity, Madonna, movies, friends, beaches, skiing, cupcakes, jello, funny words, inspirational quotes, life, death, summer, lots more. And maybe even you if you take the time to get to know me before you start judging.[[:

[List of Important People ツ ]
—>Tierce; Best Friend. [her name is hyperlinked to her profile, and her picture is also here, same the others.]
—>Poppy; Cousin I tell everything too!
—>Shawn; Tha boyfriendd
—>Cheyenne; The Pinky Swear friend [:

kenspong answers:

It’s good but you should divide it into three different sections. You can put your About me on your “About me” section, the Likes in the “Interest” section and the List of Important People on the “Heroes” section.

Jenny asks…

My Aquarius girlfriend is a robot. I need her to tell me she loves me.?

I started dating this Aquarius girl in December. I was drawn to her because she was beautiful, she made my heart beat, I always felt weak around her. We met in class. She studies a lot. We got to talking, and we clicked. But it seems she likes to go slow.. I dont mind that at all. It was a nice change. I notice she does not get jealous. Ever. SOmetimes I will purposely talk about women, and she will smile, or even agree along with me. She never tells me she loves me. Once, when we were in bed together, we were talking about our relationship, I told her I loved her, and never met anyone like her before. She sat there in silence, and just get playing with my hair. She just kissed me forehead and did not say anything.. I let it go.. Until the behavior continued.

She just smiles, or laughs sometimes. But she does not express her emotions. I do not know why. But I need her to tell me her loves me. I dont think she does. Why is she so damn unemotional. It’s breaking my heart. I have also NEVER seen her cry. Not even once. Its weird.

Sometimes when I am having a hard time – yes I cry. She does not comfort me the way I want. She just asks “What is wrong” “Why do you feel that way? What happened” Stuff like that. She never actually comforts me. Rarely hugs me. How am I supposed to know she loves me when she won’t tell me? Is her being with me enough? She smiles, does little things for me, bakes me my favorite cupcakes, stuff like that. But never “I love you” :S

Im a cancer.

kenspong answers:

Typical insecure Cancer.

Just give her time and don’t try to change her. If you like her so much, what’s the problem? Do you even love her?

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