Your Questions About Robots And Aliens

Susan asks…

What are some good shooters for the PS3, like COD or GTA, that DON’T involve aliens or robots?

I hate MGS and Killzone!

kenspong answers:

SOCOM Confrontation.

Online only team multiplayer.

Navy SEALs vs Terrorists.

Third person shooter with a more realistic gaming experience. Relies on real life team tactics. Different types of body armor that can slow you down in terms of mobility as it gets heavier.

Various weapon classes with several attatchments including all sorts of scopes, laser sight, extra grips, suppressors, and in some cases grenade launchers. Shotguns, machine guns, assault rifles, pistols as well as C4, Claymores, and several types of grenades. Amount of what you carry also makes you slower.

If you are a fan of Call of Duty, you’ll probably do okay in this game. Still requires some skill.

Mark asks…

Do you think alien robots like Transformers exist? What do you think will happen if they came to Earth?

I mean, cuz think about it, all the billions and trillions of planets out there, there’s a possibility that they exist. If they came to Earth, how would people react, how would you react too? Give reasonable explanations.

kenspong answers:

There are actually Septillions of planets. That is a 1 followed by 42 zeroes.

Regarding “alien robots”, let me quote Michael Cohen from All News Web as the source of this information:

“Unmanned surveillance discs that are about a meter in diameter are travelling to earth using some kind of vortex or set trajectory. The exit of this vortex moves around earth from time to time but currently appears to be located somewhere in Brazil’s mountainous district behind the city of Fortaleza.

These small silver discs are coming from a civilization located in another galaxy, they essentially function like web-bots using artificial intelligence to move around and survey our planet. They have no particular interest in planet earth and are conducting such surveys of thousands if not millions of planets. Governments around the world, from the US to China, are well aware of these discs and are studying them intensely.

The discs use earthly energy sources such as electrical lines to stay afloat, essentially electro-magnetically ‘surfing’ the planet. The discs also use cloaking technology to stay invisible but this sometimes fails in the event of electrical interference. The discs often show up in photos, particularly digital ones, and this is of great interest to governments (one of the questions we are often asked by government agencies is what type of camera a witness was using when they accidently captured a UFO image).

The discs communicate and send out messages which are currently being deciphered by various Pentagon/NASA think-tanks. These messages can be picked up by receiver equipment mounted on aircraft that ‘chase’ the discs.

The messages contained have been deciphered to some extent……………”

By the way, I do not know if these alien web bots that appear to have a vortex in Brazil was related to the disappearance of Air France 447 leaving Brazil and apparently crashed due to an electrical disturbance. This is simply a coincidence.


Jenny asks…

Name of anime series in which some aliens came to earth looking for Samurais to operate their robots?

Here’s what little I can remember from a show I saw ages back.

Plot – Human race also living on a new planet. A princess from an alien race sent away by her parents to look for samurais on earth to help drive/operate the robots the aliens have in order to defeat the evil aliens back at their home.

I remember like 3 kids(main guy, a girl, maybe one or two more) on this human settlement who end up finding and operating the robots when the alien ship lands on their planet. Helping the princess look for samurais(think they never found any) and fighting the evil aliens whenever needed.

Further Details:
The alien ship looked like an Origami crane.
The robots used to grow or something like that with time and gained newer powers.
I think I saw it before 2003.

Thanks 🙂

Thanks Gehan.
Its exactly what I was looking for

kenspong answers:

The plot points you’ve described sound a lot like a rather obscure anime called “Ninja Robots” or “Ninja Senshi Tobikage” depending on where you watched it.


Sandra asks…

Looking for title of movie with robots or aliens attacking the earth?

OK, I’ve been through Google and imdb and still – no result.
This is my last chance I guess.

The movie I watched must be really old – newest done in the 80’s. I’m not even sure if it was in color or in b/w. I was a kid back then so I guess it was a color movie, otherwise I wouldn’t have liked it lol.
What I remember is this: Robots or Aliens (I think they were robots) were attacking the earth and there were two (or more) spacecrafts to evacuate the citizens. A couple (I think married) was forced to take two different spacecrafts and one of it exploded. But I don’t remember if it was the man or the woman dying.

Thanks for any thoughts :-))
Thanks for the replies so far.
I’ve checked the suggestions with videos and other informations online.

It’s not “This Island Earth” and either “Earth Versus The Flying Saucers”. Neither is it a Bollywood movie ;-).
It’s not Target Earth either.
From the quality I remember it must have been way newer than this one. Maybe in the 60s, 70s.
Thanks for all the suggestions…
It is unfortunately not the “V” series.
The spacecrafts I remember are also not in a “plane”-design. The spacecrafts looked more in “rocket-type”. Long and vertical. It’s too bad I only saw the begin of the movie so I really don’t know how it turns out 🙁

kenspong answers:

Target Earth maybe?

John asks…

Would Demons, Chaotic Evil Aliens, and killer Robots all make better rulers of Earth than Humans?

Considering the fact they all at least are not Humans.

kenspong answers:

Cats! Cats!

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