Your Questions About Robots And Aliens

William asks…

our nature the next 100 years, robots, and aliens.?

there are already lots of things occur in our world. hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, blah3.. also the poles are losing their ices.. is the doom’s day coming soon? wut’s your imagination when our nature is no longer worth-living? and also, do you think robots will someday control the human? bcos there are already many movie stories bout this one. and one more thing i wanna ask you guys, do you believe in aliens?? seriously!

kenspong answers:

Ok, seriously,

Robots are not sentient, nor are they even close yet! Aliens are real! I think this because there is evidence of life that used to be on Mars, and it is not likely that there is not life on other planets, Intelligent life? There is some feeble evidence, but nothing solid yet.

The apocolypse will happen if the Christians keep wishing it to happen! They think they will be spared in that mess, but I don’t think so.

Yep, lotsa movies, but that is fiction, The other thing you could say is that much of fiction becomes fact, so who knows.

Nah, the world isn’t dying…yet!

Jenny asks…

How freaked out would you be if first contact is made but it is with intelligent alien robots?

I mean we send tons of rovers and probes into space, and nobody can say for sure how old an alien civilization could be, what if the alien race who built the robots died out or was killed off by the robots, i mean we are just learning to build learning computers with adaptive programing, i mean the chances of intelligent alien machines making contact would be more likely than living organic life forms right?

kenspong answers:

It makes more sense than aliens themselves. While I don’t think aliens actually exist, if they did, robotic spacecraft, preferably Von Neumann self replicating spacecraft, is the way to go if you wish to explore or colonize the galaxy. Life simply isn’t suited for long distance space travel. Its too long, too deadly, and too expensive. And some authors have suggested that the lack of self-replicating alien spacecraft is yet another proof that aliens do not exist.

Betty asks…

If HAZE 1 is about humans fighting humans, does that mean the 2nd game, HAZE 2 will be humans fighting aliens?

I like games like Halo, Quake 4, and Doom because its people fighting other species like alien cyborgs, or alien robots. Does anybody know if Haze will go into that type of genre? Humans vs. Humans is getting boring.

kenspong answers:

As has been already mentioned nobody has a clue where Haze will go next (aside from the developers, and even they may not be sure) But i doubt they will. I can’t see why you would find human vs human boring. In many ways it’s a lot better. With humans you can generally have a more involving plot (like why they’re fighting for example) but as it is with many games with aliens present the aliens just appear and have bad tempers there doesn’t seem to be any deep involving story as to why they’re attacking humans or how they got there.

The again with aliens you can have various different species and types and you can’t do that with humans unless you mutate them or something i suppose.
In the end i guess it’s down to personal opinion. I say give Haze a go and see if you like it. If you don’t then fair enough at least you tried it out. Me personally? I can’t wait.

Nancy asks…

Why does Hollywood always portray robots as slightly homosexual?

not just the way they talk but even the way they look and walk?
I just watched the movie A.I. and yup, the alien robots near the end walk slightly gay, sound a little gay, and even look slightly gay.
Im not hating on being gay, but when you consider todays technolofy,for example, –speech synthesis, a la stephen hawking, –he doesnt sound gay, it just sounds slightly odd.
so if the present is any indication of future trends, where is the logic of robots suddenly sounding a little gay?

what do you think?

kenspong answers:

Because robots got different wiring?

Charles asks…

dinosaurs, robots, or aliens?

if you could be raised by dinosaurs, robots, or aliens, which would it be and why?

kenspong answers:


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