Your Questions About Robots And Aliens

George asks…

who knows a film where a round,flying robot/alien crashed into an old buildng and helped in burgershop there?

In the beginning of the film, someone was chasing these little aliens/robots inside the old building. then a burger shop/diner was opened with their help. these robots/aliens do not speak by the way :). At first, the burger shop was just a small and cheap one. Later on it became famous with the help of these robots/aliens. I think they were hiding from someone so there’s a scene there where the little one (alien/robot) was thought of as a burger patty and was placed in between burger buns and eventually served to a customer. I’ve been looking for the title of this movie I watched when I was little but I forgot the title. I wanted to watch it again. I think it’s a 90s movie. Thanks! 🙂

kenspong answers:

Batteries Not Included

Chris asks…

what’s the name of the movie where there’s a human boxer in space boxing aliens?

the movie took place in the future and i just remember the main character was boxing aliens or robots in space i think.

kenspong answers:

…the movie, which you are looking for, is called “Arena”, from 1989…..

Donald asks…

anyone suggest me action historical anime series like samurai x ……….?

i really like japanese historical specially ninjas and samurais anime series
so i want to know the best series to watch
i dont like modern animes especially featuring robots,aliens ……

kenspong answers:

Yeah, me neither. Rurouni Kenshin takes place in one of those historical Japan ages, & one of the greatest anime I’ve seen with sword fights.

Linda asks…

Need help about a robot/alien film!?

Well today i was in physics with my friend and we were talking about loads of wierd stuff about the universe and he told me about this film he heard about were its either aliens or robots have the humans hooked up to something and the wolrld isnt real and the machines make us livwe in that wolrd or something and when they die its them replacing he body but the problem is hes never seen it and forgotten what its called an i really wanna watch it now! Do abny of you guys know what this film is called?
check out both trialers and dont think it them. remember i said there millions of pod things and the humans are in them and its either aliens or robots control them and the world isnt actually real and they replace the bodies and thats death in the fake world…

kenspong answers:

Well it sounds like Matrix for definite more the first one and I know that the first X-files Movie had the same thing where people where used to power the Robots but in another X file early series Mulder and Skully get trapped in pods where this fungus makes them think they are alive and living a life but are really under ground getting digested!!

Daniel asks…

If an Alien robot landed on Earth purely for observation reasons, what would we do to it?

Would we just nicely allow it to do its job or would we blow it up or dismantle it and try and learn its secrets?
Just curious as we send out lots of robots ourselves to learn about Mars etc.

kenspong answers:

The Democrats would offer it all of our encyclopedic knowledge along with unlimited internet access.
The Repulicans would offer it Jesus. If it refused, they’d offer it a hail of gunfire.
The Libertarians would offer it Ron Paul on the condition that it would worship him.

And I would offer it Justin Bieber on the condition that it would fly away and never return.

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