Your Questions About Robots And Aliens

Maria asks…

cant remember an old computer game with robots in it?

It was where you controlled alien robots to build factories, and build other robots. You had to defend against other robots, there were cheats like you could open the map and see all the other robots, or you instantly got all this money to build these factories. The person playing controlled all of the robots, and you could build weapons and stuff to go search around. I also remeber having to search and find crystals, then have robot drones go back and forth from base to crystals and return the crystals to your main factory. It was a really fun old computer game, and I can remember the name of it… please help, I would love to play again. One more thing, I kind of remember it being like a dark blue color the whole game, nothing really colorful. even the robots. Any questions feel free to ask, thankyou
ok, ya i think thats it, thanks

kenspong answers:


Donald asks…

What’s the name of movie where alien robots build their bodies from machine and human parts?

In this movie people go into to space to find a dead body and a egg or football shaped thing. They bring them back down to earth, and put them in a testing room. When the people leave the room the egg thing opens and a little robot looking head comes out then goes back in then long tentacles come out and grab some metal arm looking things. The next you know 6 ft tall robot thing comes out with metal parts from the testing room and rib cage from the dead body with the egg shaped thing as its brain.

kenspong answers:

Moontrap (1989)
starring Walter Koenig, Bruce Campbell, Leigh Lombardi
IMDB review:
Space shuttle pilots Grant and Tanner discover a giant alien spacecraft between Earth and the moon. During an investigation, Grant finds a football-like thing and a corpse of a 14,000-year-old astronaut! Back on Earth, in a NASA laboratory, the mentioned football-thing comes to life and combines itself with the corpse! The result can only be described as sort of a zombie-robot killing machine. It soon wreaks havoc on everything in his path, but Grant manages to destroy it. On the moon, Grant and Tanner then discover the remains of an ancient civilization! Inside a giant palace, they find the female survivor of a war that took place there 14,000 years ago, and they have to fight against other zombie-robot creatures. They are not aware that they brought the final technical device (their landing capsule) to the moon that allows an army of robot-aliens to finish their spacecraft in order to conquer Earth! They’ve been waiting for 14,000 years, and now Grant must find a way to stop them.


Thomas asks…

Does anyone know a program that you can type it in and it talks?

Back in the day I used to have a program where you could type in statements, words, paragraphs anything you want then you clicked on different types of voices, (real, funny, robot, alien, etc…) then click “say it” and it would talk? I can’t find nothing through search engines! Please help!
I am OS Vista 32bit

kenspong answers:

Text to speech on mac os

Daniel asks…

POLL: Sex with aliens or sex with Robots?

i find sex with robots so sexy, it gets me hot *bites lip and moans*

Are you fat?
Did your mother abuse you as a child?
Fav music genre?
Have you come out the closet yet?
zodiac sign?
Would you kiss me (not guys)
can i borrow a dollar? COCAIN *cough*

kenspong answers:

This is probably going to get deleted while I type this, but I’ll go for it anyway….

Robots. And not even the android kind that’s supposed to look like a human. I want that rusty toaster-head kind of robot. Old school.

I’m not fat but if I continue eating pizza every day I will be soon.
She was mean. Let’s keep it at that.
I did earlier after I was digging for shoes. And I still like the opposite sex, so I think I’m alright.
How much are you going to pay me?
Ah. I see you have no money. Hmm. You can pay me back with cocaine.

Donna asks…

What things are you obsessed with?

im obsessed with:

British accents, cartoon robots, aliens (not cuz i believe them, but cuz they make me laugh), Nujabes, Bart Simpson, Buildin s*** (like…i tried to build a robot, DONT try that),

im jus goofy cuz i quit law school and it’s like….IM FREEEEEEEEEE :p

kenspong answers:

In all seriousness, I’m obsessed with vagina. I wont go rapping women or anything but i love to talk about vagina, they’re so juciy and warm 🙂

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