Your Questions About Robots And Aliens

Donald asks…

old pc game demo? alien robots thing?

ok so there was this old computer game demo on our old comp. it involved designing tanks and soldiers and stuff like that in the demo u had to take over the enemy base and keep them from destroying yours. uh i cant remember the name of the game and i want it really bad lol. i remember having to build like a base and walls and stuff. help me out please!!!
ok well you could pick colors for your guys. like red blue green and black i think. uh u could make like different vehicles in which you picked the armor and the weapon and the transportation. you had to like drill for oil and discover these artifact things idk i know its kinda vague but thats all i remember.

kenspong answers:

That could be any one of hundreds of games. Your description isn’t specific enough at all.

George asks…

Does anyone else think anime is stupid?

I think it is boring and most of it revolves around how big your hair/sword/robot/alien is. And hentai is sick too.

kenspong answers:

Mmm i don’t think it’s boring, there are some good ones.
My problem is that the animation itself is sooo bad (99%).
For example, they don’t even bother to make some reasonable eye movement (like blinking for god’s sake!!!) or just movement (like, a running person…) plus i have never ever seen an anime with smart drawn animals (even miazaki doesn’t bother!!!)
by the way, miazaki’s movies are interesting…

Charles asks…


Ok usually when people get abducted by aliens they say it was a little green man with big bug eyes little nose and mouth… can it just be a robot…? Well you know the robots we have today look like that… And who knows maybe the aliens that abduct us are just pirates from outer space…

If we had space technology there will be space gangs or space pirates duh think it through!!! We do it today and it’s not really science fiction.

But any who my question is why do they look like that, oh and if you seen the movie avatar, you know that in the movie we built stuff for them, well did the aliens that came to earth do the same for us!?! The strongest earth rock is diamond, well maybe they took our diamonds!!!

Also tell me what you think, and what do you believe an alien would look like?

kenspong answers:

It realy depends on the habitat for example if there was water on mar there could be like green fishes with 4 eyes lol

Steven asks…

Whaer can I get a copy of this gam for cheap?

Its called times-litters: future pearfect and it is on the PS2 had wheelman vin disel shooting fight robots and aliens really cool I used to play with my bro!!!! I need cheap copy where can I get 1 cause I only have small allowance money?

kenspong answers:


Sandra asks…

Suggest Sci-fi characters I can work on for a short story?

I know robots and aliens count as scifi, right?

I was wondering if creatures like fairies vampires werewolves, etc. count as sci fi creatures as well.

I need a story focused on the scifi genre and it’s kinda hard thinking of a plot and characters to use. thanks 🙂
okay, so what are sci fi characters then? x_x

kenspong answers:

Fairies, vampires and werewolves are actually fantasy, but you can make them sci-fi by saying maybe you can turn humans by some sort of machine into these creatures, but then everything goes wrong, or something like that.

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