Your Questions About Robots And Aliens

Mark asks…

What is the name of his movie about a guy that got infected by aliens?

He is a guy that visited aliens and then he got infected by the alien. He then started to become the alien slowly and I remember he got a robot to fight with another alien or robot. He was in love with his wife or girl and the ending involves him crying cause he miss her. He turned into the full alien at the end of the movie.

It was really popular.

kenspong answers:

District 9.

Donald asks…

What are the chances of a zombie apocalypse, robot takeover and alien invasion occurring all at once?

Assuming it did happen who would eventually dominate in a 4 way battle to win the planet?

kenspong answers:

None of the above. Will Smith would kill them all!

Susan asks…

Difference in character in Aliens and AVP?

ok so this has been bugging me, the character Bishop from Aliens reappears in AVP, and i know Aliens is set at a later time period then AVP….so i was wondering, what happened between those two? like…..why is THAT character a robot in Aliens? I’ve looked around the internet and havent found a place that compares the two. so if anyone can help me out on this i’d be thankful.

kenspong answers:

Good question!
Bishop from Aliens is of course, a synthetic, android, robot, artificial person, etc. It is standard “company” policy to have a synthetic aboard each ship, as Burke explains to Ripley. He is an advanced model, programmed to resist violence (in direct contrast to Ash from the first Alien), and one whose physical attributes are based off of…

…Charles Bishop Weyland. Weyland is the co-founder of Weyland-Yutani, the corporation that screwed Ripley over. There is a continuity error, however, as we’re supposed to believe AVP occurs in a somewhat present setting. The Weyland present in AVP is the real deal, but we later see a character credited in Alien 3 as “Bishop II” who bleeds red blood and exclaims he is human. Alien 3 would be taking place at least a century after Weyland died, but it is possible the android is lying – why else would the character be named the 2nd?

Bishop in AVP = the human, co-founder of the space-based company featured throughout the Alien series
Bishop in Aliens = android modeled after the human

Thomas asks…

What isthe series/movie called where “This Island Earth” is made fun off by robots siting in a cinema?

it’s like this cinema, adn ‘This Island Earth” is played, and u see these robots or aliens sitting there as black shadows and they keep making the actor’s voices and spoof the movie…

kenspong answers:

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Richard asks…

trying to remeber an old cartoon network program with alien robots , it was shown in the 90’s in INDIA?

i think the program was about two alien robots from andromeda galaxy one had a sun sign on the forehead and the other had a moon sign , they came to the earth , they were very powerful and there was something special about the robots whenever the guy using the “sun” robot would be drained of power , myseriously something would awaken and give the robot more power ….there was also i believe a dragon looking spaceship in which the robots from this galaxy travelled

i was in grade 5 -6 when it was aired ..does anyone remember ??

kenspong answers:

Maybe “Ninja Robots”

I found this on google using some key words from your question. In the picture its shows a robot and a large robot dragon behind it and in the description it says the robots are aliens.


I hope this is it!

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