Your Questions About Robots And Aliens

Chris asks…

How many stories needed for manuscript of collection of short stories?

I am currently writing short stories for children. I have written about 15 short stories based on several themes ( 10 based on nursery rhymes and another 5 are based on unique creatures ( troll, robot, alien, fairy, daemon). I am planning to try my luck by submitting manuscript of collection of short stories to a publishing company. What is the ideal number of short stories should be in the manuscript? each story’s length ranges from 1,000 -1,200 words. Help me, please.

kenspong answers:


What you’re writing is an anthology of short stories. If your stories are (let’s say) 2500 words each, then 15 of your stories would be 37,500 words in all. Finding a publisher for a children’s book will not be easy unless you’re a celebrity of some kind. Unfortunately that’s all they look for these days. It’s not impossible, but it’s not a cake walk either. Get yourself a copy of Writer’s Market and look up an agent who represents children’s stories in anthology form.


Linda asks…

What is the name of the old PS1 game?

You like choose a team and fight the other. You can choose like a human army or like alien robots or something.
The army had like a chopper, tanks, some kind of SUV and other stuff while the aliens had two-legged silver robots, a motorcycle, a hovercraft I think and other stuff.
You chose one unit and played as the unit but you could change unit with R1 and L1 or R2 or L2.
It was a fun game but I was a kid and didn’t remember the name of it.

kenspong answers:

If u know the year than type in google “ps1 *year of the game* game list” or date what u think it was

the one leon gaves i had it but idk the name eather :O that game was FUN!

Daniel asks…

In the movie AI at the end there are these “aliens” that come in and…?

Find the boy robot and give him his wish ect… Now my question is where these aliens robots, living beings, or something else? I thought that they were living beings untill a friend of mine and me watched the movie and he pointed out some clues that would lead you to think they where just robots themselfs. It brings up an interesting question if you could would you choice to become robotic? And why would a civilization ever make that choice?

kenspong answers:

The Aliens were non-organic, but it is never made clear in either the movie or the associated materials if they are Robots or simply vessels which contain the essence of their creators.

And that’s the reason WHY a society would do that. The impermanence of organics. If we all shifted over to hypereficient machine bodies, think about it, no famine, no food production needed, no disease, no hunger, no death. Its an attractive concept.

But DAY-UM wasn’t that a powerful movie? So obviously Kubrick, even though he didn’t live long enough and Spielberg had to finish it, but still SO kubrick and SO powerful!!!

Susan asks…

how do you get you find a robot, alien, zombie and other things without a potion in the Sims2 Double Deluxe?

i know you can get a vampire potion from the gypsy lady, but how do you get a robot, zombie, and those other things, the one that looks like a ware wolf, and a witchy person?

because when you are making your sim, you get to pick what their turn ons and turn offs are, and those are choices. but i have never seen one, and i would like to know what i have to do or where i can find them

kenspong answers:

I do not think that you can

Sharon asks…

Name of Japanese “Matrix” film – future war with Alien Robots?

I can’t remember the name of this film. Basically it’s about a girl who comes back in time to stop a war that is going on in the future. Aliens have invaded earth and basically are kicking our butts – bad. Only chance is to send the girl back. She teams up with some guy (*An assassin or secret agent – something like that) and they try to rescue a baby alien before the mob can kill him and start the war. There is a huge alien airplane at the end that kind of ‘transforms”. The girl also has a wrist watch type thing that slows time way down, thus the “Matrix” type action. Anyone?

kenspong answers:


The asian guy is Takeshi Kaneshiro.
The aliens are Daggra.

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