Your Questions About Paralympics Uk

Robert asks…

7/7 bomb victim Martine is going2Olympics despite legs blown off.Is this the best answerto pakistani terrorism?

British Pakistani Muslim terrorists wanted to destroy her spirit. The did not succeed…..

Pip answers:

What an occasion this will be, she wil get a heroines welcome from the crowd..
I know ot must have been terrible, and probably still is, for this lady, but it will show murdering Paki’s that we will not be beaten by bombs.
Other people have tried to cow us in this way, all have failed

Jenny asks…

why did i get a yahoo violation?

question was why aren’t the BBC covering the Paralympics?
i replied cos the bbc won the rights in the uk to show the Olympics but channel 4 got the rights for the spazz sports events – if you want to view the disabled pretend they can do sports then watch the coverage on channel 4 the bbc had more sense than to broadcast cripples muck around
why was my answer removed?

Pip answers:


Someone probably found that last part offensive and reported it.

Donna asks…

Music used on advert on channel 4…?

Can anybody tell me the music used to advertise the Paralympics on channel 4 (UK only)
Thanks in advance :0)

Pip answers:

Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think
I hope that’s the one your after 🙂

Daniel asks…

even if you hated the iraq and afgan wars don’t you think team GB now have a cracking paralympic this summer?

Pip answers:

I think it good that they are picking themselves up and doing sport. There many way people get a disability. The Paralympic have widen my eye to what sport are available to different disablities and levels of disablities. The Paralympic are elite sport for people with a disability.

Australia America and Great Britain will all have injured armed service people in the Paralympics.
They train hard before their disability and they are still training hard with it. I learn about the injured warrior games on youtube which are not elite but just to get them active again.

I hope Australia my country goes well. And I am sure GB will do a good job as host country.

Susan asks…

What do you think of this?

Pip answers:

Thats awful, if someone is born with a disability like Cerebral palsy then they have it for life, it doesnt go away. And if a reputable doctor says he has Cerebral palsy then how can anyone say he isnt disabled enough to go to the Para Olympics

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