Your Questions About Olympics Symbol

Lisa asks…

What is the olympic symbol for the olympics?

I know whats the symbol but do you know answer please!
When I meant olympics I meant the upcoming olympics . Called the WInter Olympics. May of you not know there are 2 symbols .

kenspong answers:

If you are talking about the upcoming Winter Olympics, then the symbol would be the Inukshuk as well as the 5 rings.

Michael asks…

Who conceived the olympics symbol and flag?

I need the individual’s name.

kenspong answers:

I think it was either a greek or a chinese in the 19th century!

Chris asks…

Why are there 5 rings in the Olympics symbol?

What does it represent? I heard few theories about it but not sure what is the correct one

kenspong answers:

The 5 rings were introduced at the the 1920 games in antwerp games. The rings included at least one color from the flag of every participating country.

Joseph asks…

Why is the Inuit inukshuk the symbol for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics? Vancouver is far away from the Arctic.?

Why not have a palm tree as the symbol for the Olympics if they ever come to Minneapolis. It’s in the same country as Miami.

kenspong answers:

It’s because the native tribes that lived in British Columbia are strongly related to those that live in the arctic, and they did also creat inukshiks.

Inukshuks were actually created and exist on Canada’s pacific coast, whereas Palm Trees do not grow in Minneapolis. That is the difference

Betty asks…

How can I download olympics symbol?

kenspong answers:

On yahoo instead of searching for a website click on images and then type in olympic rings and take your pick then right click and save picture as (make sure you remember where you save it lol)

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