Your Questions About Olympics Symbol

Daniel asks…

Poster making for the symbol of the olympics, any great idea what to draw?

instead of the usual globe with kids of every color surrounding it, I really need an original idea. Please help.

kenspong answers:

How about doing the tourch and inside the tourch flames have symbols 4 each sport like floating around. Second idea, have 2 people draw them from different countries have them each comin together holding half the tourch ( sympoibise bringing the wrld together) erm… Maybe have two hands one blaclk one white, holding the world(earth, globe), then have like a runnign track goin around the world and like other sporting events like the javelin poking out the globe n such nt. Hope i helped xxx

David asks…

What is the meaning of olympics symbol?

kenspong answers:

It represents when the Olympics first begun with 5 events.

Carol asks…

The rings in the symbol for the Olympics stand for what large bodies of land?

kenspong answers:

The five major continents – n. America, s. America, europe, africa, and asia.

Lizzie asks…

How did they come up with the 5 rings as the symbol for the Olympics?

Hint : I was told that the rings DO NOT represent the 5 continents

kenspong answers:

I’m not sure how to interpret your “hint”, but Wikipedia says:

The Olympic movement uses many symbols, most of them representing Coubertin’s ideas and ideals. The best known symbol is probably that of the Olympic Rings. These five intertwined rings represent the unity of five continents. They appear in five colors on a white field on the Olympic Flag. These colors, white (for the field), red, blue, green, yellow, and black were chosen such that each nation had at least one of these colors in its national flag. The flag was adopted in 1914, but the first Games at which it was flown were Antwerp, 1920. It is hoisted at each celebration of the Games.

Are you positive your hinter is reliable? Maybe they meant how the colors (or which there are also five) do not represent the continents?

William asks…

What actually was the swastika-like symbol you always saw during the Nagano Japan Olympics?

I think it was an ancient Buddhist symbol or something? I remember the announcers having to explain it more than once.

kenspong answers:

It is a symbol of Buddhist temples in Japan but not a symbol of Nagano Olympic. Maybe it was Zenko temple. And this symbol, manji, is not the same to Nazis symbol. I’ve heard that some people misunderstood about this and complained to Japan at that time.

Please look at this
left one is temple, right one is Nazis

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