Your Questions About Olympics Locations

Robert asks…

What were the past locations for the Winter Olympics?

I was looking at the next location at the Winter Olympics, which is in Russia, and was wondering when it was at Finland last?
after russia it should be FINLAND!

kenspong answers:

No….The 1952 Summer Olympics were held in Helsinki, Finland.

Daniel asks…

Precisely how are the locations for the Olympics decided?

Don’t tell me the best bids win. I want to know exactly what it takes to get the deal.? What are ‘the bids’?

kenspong answers:

IOC will accept all applicant cities their bids of hosting the Olympic Games. Then the IOC will narrowed down the list to 5 candidate cities and this is where the scrutinizing begins. The IOC inspectors will visit each candidate city to see to it if they have the capability to host the Games. They will make the final report and submit it to the IOC Congress for deliberation. Then the secret voting among the IOC members will begin. Usually it will take at least four rounds of votation to decide what city will become the next Olympic host.

Each applicant city will submit their bids. In it are all pertinent informations such as how the planning will be, the source of funding, the accommodations, transportation, communications and media, medical and drug testing centers.

Donald asks…

olympic questions : how come locations of olympics always fall after the olympics? ?

where are the next olympics?

when was the last olympics in the U.S.?
sorry i meant summer olympics 🙂

kenspong answers:

The next Winter Games are in 2010 in Canada. The next Summer Games are in London in 2012.

The US last hosted the Summer Games in 1996 in Atlanta and the Winter Games in 2002 in Utah.

The new locations aren’t announced until about a year after the most recent games b/c that gives time for cities to bid for the games and make plans. Then they’re chosen 7 years in advance so the new city has enough time to build all of the stadiums, etc. So the next announcement won’t come until next year, and if a U.S. City is picked, those games won’t be held until 2016.

Lisa asks…

Where can I find and updated list of current medals, events and stadium locations for the 2008 Olympics?

kenspong answers:

This blog has a mashup of different current headline feeds for the current news for the 2008 Olympics it also has a cool Google app mashup that has all the current medals, events and stadium locations in a world map…without all the commercial ads like the “Official” website lol

Jenny asks…

How many Olympic Games locations have you visited?

I’ve been to
Squaw Valley, CA (1960 Winter)
Atlanta (1994, summer)
Whistler, B.C. (2010, winter)
Chicago, IL (2016 proposed site)

where have you been?

kenspong answers:

Sapporo, Japan when I was in the service.
Calgary, Alberta when I took my mom on a two week summer vacation.
Los Angeles, CA vacationed with now ex wife.
Atlanta, Georgia visiting friends.
I’ve never been to the Games, but I did ski the downhill in Sapporo (very, very fast course) 🙂

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