Your Questions About Olympics Locations

Sandy asks…

Whats with the Olympics being Protested?

Someone please put it in a Summary why the Olympics are being protested. Isn’t it suppost to be a honor to have the Olympics in your location or something? Whats going on?

kenspong answers:

Cnn and fox news is covering $hit up and making china sound bad while the USA is just AS bad

William asks…

When will the location of the 2016 Olympics be announced?

I thought that they usually announced the new location (well 8 years out) at the closing ceremonies. Does anyone know?

kenspong answers:

United States- Chicago 2016 Olympic bid—score 7.0
Spain – Madrid 2016 Olympic bid—score 8.1
Brazil- Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic bid—score 6.4
Japan- Tokyo 2016 Olympic bid—score 8.3

Helen asks…

What time will the location of the 2016 Olympics be announced?

I know it is sometime today but any specific time?

kenspong answers:

About 1145 am central time
the final presantation stuff begins at 130 am central

Sharon asks…

How far ahead do they have the locations of the Olympic games planned out?

kenspong answers:

It is actually 7 years, meaning 2016 will be determined in a year. Vancouver has 2010 WInter, London has 2012 summer, and 2014 Winter is in Sochi, Russia. The 2016 Games will be voted on in the summer of 2009.

James asks…

How is the hosting city/location for the Olympics chosen?

For example, how was Beijing chosen to be the host city for the 2008 summer olympics?

kenspong answers:

The following can give you extensive answer and other details if you need more.


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