Your Questions About Olympics History

Richard asks…

Is the US the most dominate country in Olympics history?

I just found out that the US as of right now, are the Olympic record holders for the Summer and Winter Olympics. So is the US the most successful country in the entire Olympics? Because they seem to be on top of the Charts for every Olympic game. And congrats to Canada for winning today’s hockey game.

kenspong answers:

I read a similar article and it surprised me too. I had no idea. It totaled all medals won for the winter games (all years) and the Summer games (allyears.)

Edit – Since everyone just found this out, how exactly is that obnoxious? Nice way to jump to conclusions. The question mentioned that it was for all medals, not gold.

I think the most medals by an Olympian is still held by that Russian gymnast – she has 18. How obnoxious of her.

The per capita argument is the lamest argument ever. I wish people would just give it up already.

Sandy asks…

Which country has won the most gold medals in the Olympics history?

I really want to know who has won the most gold medals in the summer/winter history? and also please link a source. I need a prove with detail information for 5 stars best answer. thank you 🙂

kenspong answers:

United States of America

Linda asks…

Is the 1972 Munich Olympics Basketball gold medal game the most controversial game ever in Olympics history?

Or is there something else?

kenspong answers:

Most controversial game in any history. At the time it was unbelievably explosive, with the Cold War.

Betty asks…

What Were The Greatest Winter Olympics In History?

this is an opinion question. what were the greatest winter olympics and what made them so great and what would you look for in future winter olympics?

kenspong answers:

The greatest winter Olympics would have everything to do based on what country you’re from and who you root for. Obviously as an American I would have to say that the 1980 Olympics were incredible from a fans perspective. Between the “Miracle on Ice” and Eric Heiden’s 5 Gold Medals in speed skating I can’t think of a better Olympics.

Maria asks…

Which continent has the most medals in the history of Olympics and World championships?

In every single sport there is!

North America
South America

Sources to your claims would be very appreciated!

kenspong answers:

Someone like you my dear friend, with so much knowledge in sports and so much knowledge when it comes to the continent of Europe,asks such a thing? It makes me wonder for the honesty of your question Mr. Lawyer hehehehe.You really do not know ?Come on now Theo,hehehe.

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