Your Questions About Olympics History

Chris asks…

How did the US vs USSR Olympics match change sports history forever?

Pip answers:

I don’t know, but … Http://

Joseph asks…

Significant events in the history of the olympics which showed a hand of friendship between different races??

can anyone think of anything, i have an essay and its very hard to google without any names or anything to go on.

Pip answers:

The most famous will have to be between German star athlete Lutz Long and Jesse Owens of USA during the long jump event of 1936 Berlin Olympics. Here’s the complete story according to Wikipedia…

The long jump on August 4 was Long’s first event against Owens, and Long met his expectations by setting an Olympic record during the preliminary round. In contrast, Owens fouled on his first two jumps. Knowing that he needed to clear the third jump in order to advance for the finals in the afternoon, Owens sat on the field, dejected.

According to Owens, Long went to him and told him to try and jump from a spot several inches behind the line. Since Owens routinely made distances far greater than the minimum of 7.15m required to advance, Long surmised that Owens would be able to safely advance to the next round without risking another foul while trying to push for a greater distance.

On his final jump, Owens was very calm and jumped with about half a foot of clearance, clearing his third attempt. Owens went on to win the gold medal in the long jump with 8,06m while besting Long’s own record of 7.87m. Long was the first to congratulate Owens, they posed together for photos and walked arm-in-arm to the dressing room.

Jesse Owens was later quoted, ‘It took a lot of courage for him to befriend me in front of Hitler… You can melt down all the medals and cups I have and they wouldn’t be a plating on the twenty-four carat friendship that I felt for Lutz Long at that moment.’

Lutz Long was posthumously awarded the “Pierre de Coubertin” medal or True Spirit of Sportsmanship medal.

Other awardees for that award for their true sportsmanship DURING the Games were:

1.) Eugenio Monti of Italy during 2-man AND 4-man bobsled competition of 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria.
2.) Lawrence Lemieux of Canada during the sailing event of 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul.
3.) Vanderlei de Lima of Brazil during the marathon event of 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

hope these would help….

Richard asks…

what were the most important events in the history of the olympics and when did they happen?

Pip answers:

1896 Athens, Greece the first modern Olympic games took place.
With out this there would be no Olympics aside from ancient history.

Through the years there have been many important events both on and off the field. As for which is most important would depend upon your point of view. The first perfect 10, the first gold medal for an emerging nation, terrorist, politics, peace. Yet they all are tied to the event itself.

Mandy asks…

who started the FIRST ever Olympics?and History?

I don’t mean the modern olympics and it’s history (Baron de Coubertin)started it , that I know. But I’m talking about who started the FIRST ever olympics back in like the 700’s and it’s history.Great Details will be appreciated.I’m writing a speech so if you can think of any good intros and closings and funny ideas to include in my speech will be greatly appreciated (jokes or riddles)No RUDE COMMENTS PLEASE!!!!:)

Pip answers:

According to historical records, the first ancient Olympic Games can be traced back to 776 BC in Olympia, Greece.. They were dedicated to the Olympian gods and were staged on the ancient plains of Olympia. They continued for nearly 12 centuries, until Emperor Theodosius decreed in 393 A.D.

Daniel asks…

What is the impact of Olympics,Where too find about the history of Olympic games?

Pip answers:

Well olympics definitely made an impact,get to know things in detail by visting the site,it almost provides all informations about olympics.

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