Your Questions About Olympics

Charles asks…

How many months before the Olympics do most equestrians start taking lessons?

I’m thinking it would be 3 or 4 months before the Olympics. However, I drive past an equestrian center twice a day and don’t see any olympians taking lessons. Perhaps I’m wrong and they start taking lessons a couple weeks before the start of the Olympics?? Please advise.

kenspong answers:

Riding horses (or horsing) in the Olympics takes tens of hours of practice. Expect three to four MONTHS of training at three days a week and two hours a day before you are ready for the Olympics.

This is of course only applicable in countries with strong equestrian roots. If you just want to hop on a horse and compete without the chance to medal, consider moving to a “non-horse” nation like Australia or the Netherlands.

I hear you can just walk on the team in those places. Just visit their respective embassies for more details.

If you’re considering Australia, walk up to the clerk at the Embassy and say something like: “Right then, mate. I’ze be a good ‘ol mucker far the ‘orses, I reckon.”

Mary asks…

How are the number of Olympic athletes each country sends to the Olympics determined?

It’s no secret that certain countries send more athletes to the Olympics than other countries, but how is this determined? Why the USA send x number of athletes for one sport while another South Korea sends y number for the same sport? I’m guessing there is a limit to the number of athletes each country sends per sport, but why don’t all countries send the max just to increase their chances of winning medals?

kenspong answers:

As above, nations that have very poor or no ranking are allowed to send 1 athlete, thats why sometimes you see someone who is total rubbish but the spirit of the Olympics lets this happen.

Joseph asks…

Is television advertising during the Olympics out of control?

I have clocked 32 minutes of adverts in a one hour session of watching. I have eight different channels covering the olympics and at any given time more than half are in commercial mode. Has the Olympic committee become so greedy and corrupt that they must plague us so? From now on I will just go to Youtube for hilites.

kenspong answers:

Try to realize it’s not exactly Olympic Committee (VANOC) that has decided to “plague you so”, it is also the networks who choose to do so. Everybody makes more money with more advertisements.

James asks…

Why during the olympics were 3 minutes added to the end of the soccer match?

Why during the olympics were 3 minutes added to the end of the soccer match? The announcer said that an additional 3 minutes (for a total of 6) could have been arbitrarily added. No explanation was given.

kenspong answers:

Depending on the game there is time lost, ex.. When a player fouls another player time goes by as they prepare for the foul kick. This and other things like going out of bounds and corner kicks, ect.. Seconds go by and near the end of a soccer game the ref decides how much time was lost during the game and adds on with the usual 2,3,4 mins. It was not explained because alot of people who watch soccer know this. But anyway hope i helped.

Betty asks…

How will the olympics effect young people in Britain?

They spend tons of money, but why having the olympics help young people? Why not spend the £2.4bn on schools and education?

kenspong answers:

Sponsoring the Olympic games, while very costly, if done right can show off your country’s wealth and culture to the rest of the world and also invoke patriotism in many of the citizens of that country. Most people would agree that tightening your belts in other areas for a few years (like education) is well worth the publicity and pride that sponsoring an Olympic games will get your respective country if done right.

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