Your Questions About Olympics 2020

Thomas asks…

What are the chances of NYC having a bid in the 2020 olympics?

Pip answers:

Even if they did, they would be the least favored.

Nancy asks…

Will the 2020 Summer Olympics be in China again?

I love to see China again host the Summer Olympics, this time in Shanghai! This time, they would do better than Beijing.

Remember that both 1984 and 1996 Summer Olympics were held in the US, was only 12 years apart. Same thing that happened to the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics, it was held in the same country and city, it was also 12 years apart.

Pip answers:

It would be very unlikely that China will be awarded the 2020 Olympic games. 1st reason no Chinese city has expressed an interest in submitting a bid you can’t win the bid if you don’t submit one. 2nd reason the Chinese government is believed to still be the equivalent of billions of dollars in debt from the Beijing games remember it took the Canadian government until 2006 to finish paying the bills for the 1976 Montreal Olympic games. 3rd reason several of the 2008 Olympic Venues are now sitting idle. 4th reason the International Olympic committee is under some pressure to finally award a games to the African continent.

Mandy asks…

POLL: Which city do you think will host the 2020 Summer Olympics?

While the games are many years away, the bidding process has already started. There are currently 6 cities that are bidding to host the games in 2020. They are:

Tokyo, Japan
Istanbul, Turkey
Madrid, Spain
Rome, Italy
Baku, Azerbaijan
Doha, Qatar?

Which city do you think should host?

Pip answers:

Baku and Tokyo are my two ‘favorite’ cities in the world.. I’m hoping for Baku though

Helen asks…

Where do you think the 2018 Winter Games of the Olympics and the 2020 Summer Games will be held?

I’d like them to be in PyeongChang for the Winter and somewhere in Africa for the 2020

Pip answers:

It would be great for the IOC to allow people from all parts of the world to experience something as wonderful as the winter and summer Olympics.

According to Las Vegas, here are the most likely to least likely city to host.

2018 Winter Games
1. PyeongChang, Korea
– Asia has not hosted a winter Olympics since 1998, since then, four winter games have been held in Europe and America
– great enthusiasm
2. Annecy, France
– after Paris bid and lost the summer games three times, the IOC will look favorably on making it up to France
3. Munich, Germany
– successfully hosted the 2006 World Cup
– economically strong, excellent ski/snowboard facilities in the mountains
4. Bursa, Turkey
5. Carniola, Slovenia
6. Mdantsane, South Africa

2020 Summer Games
1. Detroit, USA
– has bid multiple times for the summer games and lost, IOC will strongly consider them this time
– very multicultural city, 81% black, 16% white with the remainder being Asian, native Indians, Hispanic. Instead of having the Olympics in a primarily white city, Detroit will be a mix of everyone including black and white people
– strong economy with the resurgence of American car sales
2. Guadalajara, Mexico
– the summer games haven’t been to North America since 1996 Atlanta, that is a long time to go without the Olympics
– this city successfully held the Pan Am games
– Mexico is now one of the world’s 10 largest economies
3. Cape Town, South Africa
– successfully held the 2010 World Cup
– one of the 10 biggest economies in the world
– has stadium infrastructure already built
– Olympics have never been in Africa before
4. Rabat, Morocco
5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
6. Doha, Qatar
7. Istanbul, Turkey
8. Al-Iskandariah, Egypt
9. Mongo, Chad
10. Krakow, Poland
11. Saint Petersburg, Russia
12. Khartoum, Sudan
13. Tehran, Iran
14. Tel Aviv, Isreal
15. Kananga, Congo
16. Quito, Ecuador

With the votes for the 2020 and 2018 games still far away, there are many candidates and there is no extremely clear front runner. Many of the potential hosts have never hosted the games before and if the IOC will share the games with countries and locations of every ethnicity, the winner for the games could be a surprise.

Lizzie asks…

What sports should be included in the 2020 Olympics?

I’m thinking duel pistols and ostrich racing!

Pip answers:

My bet is the 2020 games will be in New York City (assuming Chicago doesn’t win the 2016 bid). So I would suggest traffic dodging both pedestrian and bike messenger, also skyscraper scaling and tightrope walking between skyscrapers. Beer cup tossing from stands at Yankee or Citi might also be impressive.

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