Your Questions About Olympics 2016

Lisa asks…

Olympics 2016?

2000 – Sydney
2004 – Athens
2008 – Beijing
2012 – London

What city would you like to the host of Olympics 2016?… its actually only a decade from now. FYI, No cities from Africa and South America has ever hosted the Olympics.

kenspong answers:

Could be in the usa
San fransico
Las Angles
or the hopefulls nt to sure on the other cities

Ken asks…

What do you think of the Olympics 2016?

How do you feel about Brasil getting the Olympics in 2016. Do you think they should have been hosted in Chicago or somewhere else?

I personally am glad that they are not in the US and think that it is good to finally get the Olympics to South America for the first time.


kenspong answers:

Chaicago would have been nice and they gave it their best shot. There has never been an Olympics in South America. Rio put in the best bid. I’m happy for them.

Helen asks…

What countries will be playing Rugby 7s in the 2016 Olympics?

I wanted to know which countries are going to be competing in the 2016 Olympics under the sport of Rugby 7s? I want to know for both men and women teams.

Is Brazil going to compete also? Let me know thanks.

kenspong answers:

Brazil will obviously compete as hosts the other teams are unknown at this point.

Joseph asks…

Where can you hear or watch the 2016 olympics descision?

I live in Chicago and I want to know the second the make the descion of where the 2016 olympics will be. I don’t have the time to go to the actual building. What channel can I watch it on or hear on the radio and what time is it at?

kenspong answers:

CBS & NBC coverage starts at 9
FOX & WG GNcoverage starts at 10
the announcment will be made shortly before noon
for radio WBBM will be your best option WGN will be covering a hockey game but wil cut in when the announcement is made

Ruth asks…

Which golf players get to play in the 2016 olympics?

Golf is being introduced into the 2016 olympics. Does anyone know what country,s can send players (so can all countrys send their team or top 20 countrys for example) and how many players per country.

kenspong answers:

I’m not entirely sure, but I expect it would have something to do with world rankings combined with a maximum number of golfers per country-maybe three?

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