Your Questions About Olympics 2016

George asks…

Where do you think the 2016 Olympics will be held?

Where do you think the 2016 Olympics will be held?

kenspong answers:

With Obama coming to office soon my vote has got to go to Chi Town

Chicago it is!

You forgot to add your prediction 🙂

Betty asks…

What if the 2016 Olympics were held in Detroit?

What it’s like to host the 2016 Olympics in Detroit?

kenspong answers:

Caps will get busted

Ken asks…

When do the summer Olympics start picking teams for 2016?

I’m 15 and a swimmer and I want to be in the 2016 Olympics in rio 🙂 when do they start sending letters and getting a bunch of people for training camps and cutting people and stuff like that? 🙂

kenspong answers:

You must qualify for the team from your country.
You should be competing now, to gain experience, so that if you meet the qualifying standards you can compete for a place on the team.
The teams are not chosen until a few months before the Games.

Thomas asks…

What time will they be announcing the 2016 Olympics This friday?

What time will they be announcing the 2016 Olympics This friday? GO MADRID!!!!

kenspong answers:

Between 6:30 to 7:00pm Denmark time or 12:30 to 1:00 in the afternoon New York time,

Maria asks…

how do be in the 2016 olympics for gymnastics?

ive been doing gymnastics for 2 years and im a level 4 gymnast. do i have any chance in being in the 2016 olympics? also are there any high quality gymnastic gyms that can focus on my goals on long island new york? :] thanks! :]
im 12. and will be 13 in 2 months. if that helps.

kenspong answers:

Ummm…i’m sorry, but that is almost unrealistic.): But you may have a chance at the 2020 olympics, as you’ll be 22 or 23, which can be a little old, but isn’t too bad.
I mean, if you really want the 2016 olympics…you cooould go to a (most likely very expensive) very hard core gym that can help you realize your dream. This may involve moving…depending if there are any of these gyms around you…but you would pretty much have to be training every day all day for the next 6 years. If that’s something you want, then go for it.(: Just don’t expect much of a life during that time. Haha, sorry. But you would have to be completely focused, willing to pay high prices for the best coaches at the best gyms, and pretty much give up the rest of your life.

Look at it this way; most gymnasts take a minimum of 10 years to get to the elite level, the level of the olympics. There are some exceptions, but not many. Your (i’ll just round) 13 at level 4. That 10 years is one year per level. A lot of the time, during the higher levels, gymnasts can take multiple years to get to the next level as the skills they are learning are very difficult.
So, say you are a natural and your training all day with the best coaches, so it takes you a year for each level.
That would bring you to level 10/elite at the age of 19. But, once you’ve gotten to the elite level at 19, you will be competing at that level for a while, and most likely first have to make it to nationals and be part of the national team, and compete in worlds. (i think that’s what those competitions are called!) That could take a couple years. So, maybe it takes 3 years.
Your now 22. And that is just in time for the 2020 olympics. Really? Thats being kind. :/ It will most likely take longer than that. (i hope you followed that. Haha, sorry if you didn’t :/ i made it a little confusing…you may have to read it more than once(: sorry!)

So, the 2016 olympics means that you would be passing a level a year, and two levels one year, and also competing in nationals and everything in 5 or 6 years. That is HIGHLY unlikely. However, like i said, the 2020 olympics are still reachable if you totally commit yourself. Just don’t think you’ll make it going to maybe 3 classes a week after school. You’d be at the gym probably 6-8 hours, maybe more, a day every day.

So, I am not saying the olympics are impossible. But, most elite gymnasts are usually around 16-20. Sometimes younger. They started when they were probably 3. So, it took then more than 10 years to get to where they are. That just means you will have to work your butt off at the sport you love evvvvery day for as long as it takes you to get to the elite level.(: I don’t mean to be mean, or cruch your dreams or anything, but I’m trying to be realistic. ): reality isn’t always fun. Ha, sorry.
I really hope you get to the 2020 olympics though, and win gold!(:

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