Your Questions About Olympics 2014

James asks…

how much would it roughly cost to attend the winter olympics in 2014?

I’ve been looking into attending the 2014 olympics in Russia and wanted to know how much it would cost so I know how much i need to save up. How much would it cost including the ticket, hotel stay, transportation, food etc. ?

kenspong answers:

I would say a couple thousand dollars (in USA money). At least 1.5-2… You never know what extra costs you might incure, and it also depends on the events you want to attend.

Linda asks…

Will apolo anton ohno return for the 2014 winter olympics?

Apollo Ohno is a great olympics speed skater But will he return for the 2014 winter olympics in sochi, Russia? It will be great for him to continue with it but he is 27 or like 28 by the time the 2014 olympics start he will be 31 or 32 . He is an amazing speed skater .

kenspong answers:

Most likely no. He’s 27 and has been to 3 olympics. He has also accomplished alot, more than he thought he could. He said he kept going back because of his love for the sport. And although the sport is amazing, the training regime is grueling. But he has not said no, so I guess we will see. If you want more information go to his website:

Hope I helped. 🙂

Laura asks…

Would it be cheaper going to the 2012 or 2014 Olympics.?

I live in Pennsylvania, USA and I am planning on going to the Olympics. If I go to the 2012 Olympics I would got to Swimming and Gymnastics events. If I go to the 2014 Olympics I would go to the Snowboarding Men’s Halfpipe and Men’s Ice Hockey Games.

Which Olympics would be roughly cheaper. Estimating hotels, round trip plane ticket, and event tickets. I just want an estimate.

kenspong answers:

Hands down 2014 in Sochi. London is very expensive at all times. Add Olympic inflation and we’re talking home mortgage prices.

Steven asks…

Will Apolo Ohno go to the 2014 winter olympics?

Apolo is an amazing athlete and seems to be in his prime, however he is 28, so for the 2014 olympics he will be 32, does anyone know if he will still go? He’s been to 3 olympics already which is pretty amazing.

kenspong answers:

I’m not sure he hasn’t made up his mind yet. I really hope so because he is so amazing and my hero 🙂 I really want to see him win a gold medal in the 1000 meter track because that is the one and only race that he has competed in where he has not won a gold medal. I was sad when he only got the bronze in it tonight. Apolo wasn’t even sure he was coming to this Olympics, but he learned to speed skate in Vancouver, so he came. The next Olympics in 2014 will be in Sochi (I don’t know where that is.) and I am hoping and praying that he goes because age is just a number and he’ll only be 31 and I think it would really send a message to all Olympians and future Olympians, showing that the impossible is possible, if you persevere and go for your dream 🙂 He should go to the 2014 Olympics for the Olympic Dream 🙂

Ruth asks…

is the 2014 Olympics going to be in Chicago?

OK so i heard that Obama is planning to have the olympics in Chicago for 2014? And most people who live in Chicago dont want it there? why? if u live in Chicago do u want it there or not?
and i know that the 2010 is going to be held in rio

kenspong answers:

It was the 2016 Olympics, not 2014, that were possibly going to Chicago. And the Olympics are in Vancouver in 2010, and Rio in 2016.
Most Chicagoans (more than half) did want the olympics, but some people believed that their taxes would increase to pay for the new buildings, so those people did not want it.
Chicago will not get the Olympics, because it was defeated by Rio de Janeiro on October 2nd.

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