Your Questions About Olympics 2014

Sharon asks…

If I want to go to the 2014 Olympics for hockey, how would I start??

I’m twelve years old and I am a really, really, really, good female hockey player. I want to go to the 2014 Olympics but I don’t know how to start?? Please help me!!
I really am good. I allready play on a mixed team but I need help!

Pip answers:

The obvious answer is to practice alot. Also keep an eye on the USA hockey website. They announce select clinic and age level tryouts of men and women, boys and gilrs. So if you can qualify at one of those you will be on your way. It will also tell you where you stand as to everybody else with the same dream. Good luck. I only wish I had that opertunity when I was your age.

Mark asks…

Why are they having the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia?

I did some brief research on the City and the average high in the winter is 50. They also have Palm trees. Their going to have more problems than they did in Vancouver. Just interested in what people think about this.

Pip answers:

Your research shouldn’t have been so ‘brief’. If you had dug a bit, you would have found that the Sochi events will be held in two clusters, one in the city, and one up in the Caucasus Mountains. Those mountains have long been highly regarded for their skiing.

Donald asks…

How do I volunteer for the Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014?

I would absolutely love to volunteer for Sochi 2014 in any way I can, does anyone know any parameters I’d have to fall under or meet certain criteria to become a volunteer? Do I send in an application to become a volunteer? If so, where?

Pip answers:

First off you’d have to speak Russian. You’d also need experience in the area, as well as experience with volunteering at major events.

Donna asks…

Is Sochi still going to hold 2014 Olympics?

I heard they may not be able to come up with the funds to hold it there.

Pip answers:

They are still on the schedule, but some Olympics have been moved when the host city could not get the facilities done in time.
The Olympics were planned for Beaver Creek, Colorado, but the citizens of Colorado refused to vote in a tax increase to fund construction so the Games were moved to Lake Placid, New York.
We will have to wait and see if and when an official statement happens.

Chris asks…

When would the United States National Figure Skating Championships be held to qualify for the 2014 olympics?

Pip answers:

Well they were in January 2010, so I would suspect that January 2014 would be your best guess at this point.

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