Your Questions About Olympics 2012

Sandra asks…

Olympics 2012?

How did London manage to win the bid to host the 2012 Olympics?

If I remembered correctly, they are not a strong contender and the other bidders have more impressive facilities and material to help them by.

In fact, if I am correct, London had also made a late entry and was not considered a favourite to win the bid. They had also took a non arrogant approach throughout. So, what made them win?

kenspong answers:

The secrets behind the IOC committee will always be unknown.
When Atlanta won, Athens was outraged and said Coca Cola bribed the voters.

When Salt Lake City won, they did bribe the committee and some people from Utah went to prison.

The last awarded winter games went to an undeveloped area in Russia, and the Koreans are outraged because they had a good site that was ready to go.

Most of the time the sites are still under construction when the games begin, which was the case in Athens.
That doesn’t make sense since part of the requirements are the condition of the facilities. Which goes to show you that we will never know what goes on in the secret meetings where the delegates decide how to vote.

Robert asks…

Olympics 2012????????

How do I get “picked” For the Olympics I will be 17 on 2012. and I want to win gold in Tae kwon do for the U.s.a.
Yes I know they aren’t going to knock on my f****** door! I am Asking what do I participate in to qualify?

kenspong answers:

I don’t know the details but I do know you will need hard training everyday. You also need to participate in as many tournaments as you can. Start in local tournaments and then as your fighting improves you can go to state and then national. There is also the USA Taekwondo Junior Olympics (you have to be 16 or over to participate). There is also the World TKD Championship and the TKD World Cup. It also helps to have started at a young age (about 4/5).

Betty asks…

How do you buy tickets for Olympics 2012?

Does anyone know how to buy tickets for different Olympic events during London 2012 Olympics? When do they come on sale? A year/two in advance? Do they come on sale over the internet?

kenspong answers:

All the info is on the London 2012 website.


Mark asks…

How can i enter to play tennis for 2012 olympics?

i am 17 years old and i would like to enter to play in the olympics 2012 but i dont know the requirments and how to enter! do i have to be in a league or how does the selection process work? Please help i really want to get into it !
(sites, advice, phone numbers of arenas etc=would all help)

thank you All .

kenspong answers:

Lets based the criteria for 2008 Olympics single competition.

World’s top 48 players will be seeded outright (as of June, 2008 rankings)
2 players will be invited by tripartite commission (ATP for men, or WTA for women, IOC and the host nation)
8 players will be selected in the final qualification which will be based on world rankings (those who were not included in the first 50 players selected after July, 2008 rankings, )
6 players will be selected based on continental representation (ATP/WTA and IOC will decide on this matter).

Also, a country can enter 4 men and 4 women in singles event.

So basing on that criteria which i think will be the same criteria that will be used in 2012, it seems you need to join the WTA tour to gain some ranking points for the next 4 years in hopes of joining the 2012 Olympics. If you think you can do it, then start joining tournaments now.

Good luck…

Donald asks…

What do I have to do to train for the Olympics 2012?

I dont care how obvious it is, but I want info on how to join the 2012 olympics for tennis. I have been practising since I was 9 and I will be 16 in 2012. Thanks in advance!

kenspong answers:

If you don’t know the answer to that question in 2010, you should focus on 2016. Athletes train for the Olympics their entire lives. If you’ll be 16 in 2012 that means you’re 13 or 14 now. Have you been playing on the WTA junior tour? Do you have a ranking or a coach? If you have to ask this question you are most likely not at the level where Olympics can be a reasonable goal. Maybe in 2016 with some more training, but a coach will be the one to lead you through that training.

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