Your Questions About Olympics 2012 Tickets

Ken asks…

When do tickets for the 2012 olympics go on sale?

me and my dad reli wanna watch Rafael Nadal play at the 2012 Olympics but i wanna find out when the tickets go on sale so we can get them before they sell out.. i kno it’s still early but still.. lol

: )

kenspong answers:

Tickets go on sale in 2011, but it hasn’t been stated when in 2011 yet and subject to availability, will be available until the start of each event. The sign up for ticketing will be launched in spring of this year on the official website ( This will give registered supporters the chance to receive ticketing news and information first. There will also be free events, including Road Cycling, Triathlon and the Marathon. These events will take place on the streets of London, where spectators can line the route to cheer on the athletes.

Lisa asks…

How do you get London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony tickets?

I am just a normal member of the public and I can’t seem to find where I can get opening ceremony tickets?


kenspong answers:

They are impossible to get now, Ticket applications closed on the 26th, And they were oversubscribed by 10x.

Sharon asks…

Is it still possible to get tickets for the 2012 Olympics?

I’ve been studying abroad in London for the past 7 months, and I hope to stay here throughout the summer and maybe go to the Olympics if I can. I heard that they are currently not selling tickets through their website right now, but will be sometime in April. Is that true? Apparently they are in the process of assigning seats right now which is why they aren’t for sale right now. Is there any other way to get tickets?

kenspong answers:

Yeah check with the sponsors and hopefully the prime seats are empty still.

This bloke is hoping London has a sponsor of coffee as the official brew coz um look?


Donald asks…

Olympics 2012 tickets?

I’m after applying for 2 athletics tickets featuring the women’s 100m final in the second cheapest seating block (£90 each). However i didn’t know then but I’ll be in America all next summer. I heard there’s a way of selling back the tickets on the london2012 website. When will this start? Is it basically a refund or will i have my tickets and have to post them back?

kenspong answers:

Well maybe if you’re lucky (never thought I’d say that for this kind of a situation) you might not get them. If you do though, talk to the London 2012 team. I’m sure you’re not the first person this has happened to, they’ll know what to do.

Betty asks…

I heard something interesting today about the Olympics 2012 logo?

That it looks like Lisa Simpson performing a sex act. And that once that’s been pointed out to you that’s all you see.

I think there’s some truth in it – do you?

kenspong answers:

LOL, yes it does look like Lisa.

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