Your Questions About Olympics 2012

Charles asks…

What can i do to train for the London 2012 Olympics 100m hurdles??

I am 14 years old (15 next month) and i would really love to participate in the olympics 2012. I think i would be good at the hurdles, because i have long legs, and i am very tall, and i am good at jumping over the poles on the pavement. Any suggestions on how to train?

kenspong answers:

Well the people on the team have been training for at least 10 – 12 years but if you want to at least try then start training asap. I am 16 and I have been running track since i was 11. Im not trainning for the olympics but i want to go to college for it. I run at least 5 days a week for 4 miles but i dont do hurdles, i do the 100 meter dash and 400 meter relays. I suggest you train really hard and if you are able to get around 12 seconds then you have a really good shot. Good luck.

Richard asks…

How have you selected your Olympics 2012 tickets which are on sale today?

I have just visited the site that is selling Olympic 2012 tickets and I have no idea how I should select my tickets. I will put down as many choices as I can to heighten my chances of getting some tickets. But I am wary of the price I may have to pay in May. How are you going to go about selecting yours?

kenspong answers:

I just picked 3 events if i get all of them i will be able to pay so just pick the ones that you really want to go and send you application if you pick too much you may have to pay for all of them

Carol asks…

How would you justify researching the Olympics 2012?


This is for a piece of coursework. I have chosen to research the 2012 Olympics and have to justify why (things like to find out how the event will effect the country etc)

Any help.

Thank you in advance,


kenspong answers:

Well the london 2012 olympics will have a huge financial benefit , because there will be loads of people turn up to watch it, and then there are the shopping centers which im sure people will benefit from
also it will affect the people of britain to have such a prestigious event being held in england
here is the 2012 olympics website there might be some info on there:

the national lottery is also funding the project as are many other companys etc.
There is also a downside to the olympics as some has pointed out above me
the olympic stadium will cost millions/billions when that money could be used to help tp stop the current credit crunch/recession. Also after the olympics are over, britain/england has few events that require an olympic sized stadium so it seems that it will not be used as much as it could be

Hope that i helped


Susan asks…

What are the spectator facilities going to be for London Olympics 2012?

I’m doing a geography project on the London Olympics 2012 and I can’t seem to find the Spectator Facilities anywhere.
Any extra info for it would be good – thanks!
And I have already been on

kenspong answers:

You are probably having trouble finding ‘spectator facilities’ because nobody actually calls anything by that name. Look at their master plan, which shows all the venues for events. Each of those venues has seating, washrooms, concessions. Those are the ‘spectator facilities.

Joseph asks…

Where to buy Olympics 2012 tickets in New York?

I live in New York and i really wanna go to the london 2012 olympics with my family but i dont know where or how to get them please help me out thanks.

kenspong answers:

You can sign up today at the link below to show your interest in buying Olympic tickets. They don’t start accepting ticket applications until March 15th 2011. They will accept ticket applications from March 15th to April 26th 2011

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