Your Questions About Olympics

Steven asks…

How much is a Canadian Olympic program from the France Olympics year 1924 worth?

My father has a framed Canadian Olympic Program from the 1924 Olympics. It’s in very good condition. It could be taken out and flipped through. He is curious about how much it would be worth to a dealer or something. Not that he wants to sell it but he is curious. Thanks a lot.

kenspong answers:

Maybe like $50 – $100

Helen asks…

Growing up with the Olympics: What was first Olympics and Olympic memory after you were born?

People are getting old in every Olympics. I grew up watching every Olympic games – including Summer and Winter.

Not everyone were born in the Olympic year.

kenspong answers:

Although I’ve always watched the Olympics, I remember missing the Nagano opening ceremony on TV and hearing everyone tell me how great it was. Haha. Not such a great memory being the loser who missed it!

Betty asks…

What year did the olympics begin to allow professional athletes to compete?

The olympics for a long time were only for amateur athletes, and professionals were not allowed to compete. This has changed of course. What year did this change occur, allowing professionals to compete in the olympic games?

kenspong answers:

I agree with dajj’s answer from an official standpoint. But the Olympics and amateurism is much murkier than the IOC would like you to believe.

I guess it depends on what your definition of professional. Since the 1960’s the Soviet bloc countries drafted their best athletes into the army, paid them to train full-time, and they maintained their amateur status. In the early 1980’s basketball players from European leagues were declared amateurs but not NBA players. Yet we still don’t see pro boxers in the Olympics. Amateurism remains a messy matter with the Olympics, though not nearly as much of a sham as it was.

Maria asks…

How does the olympics choose which sports to hold?

On the olympics website, it says that there are other sports recognised as olympic, but aren’t held AT the olympics. It also says that there are sports that used to be in the olympics and then weren’t, Or ones that skipped years.

And i know BMX is new, and that this is the last year for softball.

So how do they choose? And why do they limit them?

kenspong answers:

The international olympic committee chooses. They discontinue sports if it lacks interest or there’s lack of people who’ll represent and run the events. Like softball, apparently it’s not as big as other sports anymore so they’re discontinuing it.

Donald asks…

What ever happened to the Olympics being an amateur competition? Why is it full of pro athletes now?

I thought the Olympics was supposed to be a competition of the world’s best AMATEUR athletes. Why are there so many pro athletes in it now then? I think this takes away from the whole idea of the olympics.

kenspong answers:

It goes back to hockey and basketball and the “Cold War”. The Soviets were putting there drugged up super droids in competition and the only way to compete was to put pros in the mix.

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