Your Questions About Morality And Law Uk

Mandy asks…

can you resolve my dilemma? i’ve always been vaguely left-leaning anarchic and countercultural in outlook, but?

recently, as a result of reading all sorts of stuff on political/puritanical islam, uncluding koran bukhari etc etc, i have come to realise that the left, in whose ranks i would usually be by default on just about any issue, are apologising for, collaborating with, appeasing and sucking up to political islam.
i want to side with a party that advocates equality, gay rights, womens rights and on the whole is on the side of minorities and protects everyone…….but in aligning themselves with radical islamists, they are they are snuggling up with ABSOLUTELY the wrong people, people who are seriously wanting to dismantle many freedoms i once supposed the Left supported wholeheartedly.
the Lefts insidious turning a blind eye to people making efforts to have sharia gain a foothold in the uk, and its increasing demonization of israel, have totally demolished any postitive feeling i had toward the left.
i’ve become aware that this political correctness and multiculturalism that we fuzzily allowed ourselves to sleepwalk into, is now being exploited by islamists to shield thelselves from criticism.
and too many in the left are allowing these radicals free reign when the try to threaten and intimidate people from exercising their free speech.
i want my culture to remain one where, if someone is offended or insulted by any criticism i make, they refute what ive said or argue with me.
i dont want a culture where peoples sensitivities and desire not to be offended, trump my right to free speech.
it seems that the left these days would like to silence me or anyone else who is critical of islamic supremacism, the contents of the koran, mohammed, jihadism or sharia law, out of concerns over “community cohesion” or out of a wish to protect from criticism, their fellow america/israel-haters amongst the muslim community.

so my dilemma is, where do i go if –in the words of pat condell [see clip below] “my natural costituency has been poisoned”.
i want to side with the left, but i cant vote for parties who are furthering the agenda of and giving cover to political islam-ists and who do nothing to encourage the muslim community to shout down and demonstrate against the extremists who use threatening language and try to intimidate people into not speaking their mind, and criticise what deserves criticism.

any ideas?

Pip answers:

Rubbish! The left collaborating with radical Islam?

As many of us on the left are Marxists atheists, not people of the book, we would be among the first up against the wall and shot if Bin Laden’s lot took over. You forget that the radical Islam came into being partially because a left leaning regime came to power in Afghanistan and the Taliban etc., were backed by the Americans and the Saudis because they were anti-communist and anti Soviet.

We on the left are anti-racist and anti-fascist. The far right wing BNP and other European parties of their ilk cynically use the “Islamification” argument as a tactic. The right wing leaders don’t really give a damn. It could be about the “Kinder Eggisation” of Europe for all they cared. Just as long as they have a focus for people’s fears and hate. Their real target is the left – Marxists – which in their world view means just about anyone left of centre right.

You say you are left leaning, anarchic and counter cultural. What do you think I am? Do a web search on the name “Shevek” then read the book. In the meantime have a read at this link:


Re your vid: Who are the “liberal” left? I’m of the left. I am not, nor have I ever been, “liberal” by any stretch of the imagination. I leave liberalism to public schoolboys like Clegg and Cameron and Griffin.

At one point in his career Hitler claimed to be a kind of Nietzschean “anarchist” of sorts. Funny how those who claim to be able to think outside the box end up strutting around in uniforms claiming to be some kind of anarcho-nihilist not bound by morality, culture or social conventions or the restraints of law or even a basic empathy for their fellow human beings.

George asks…

The divine right of Kings as a belief system — Is it alive and well in the US?

As Goldman Sachs continues to hand out multiple millions of dollars an upper crust of bankers and others are forming to a level of unprecedented privilage

They deserve it — they earned it — they should have it because they have proven themselves smarter etc

The divine right of Kings ? Those who are able to take the money from the stupid the poor the weak should be able to keep it all and live in oppulant luxury with servants while the weak live in squalor

This is the divine right of Kings — the idea that they are right because they are rich — they should lead because they do lead — they are chosen by god and are therefore successful because god made them that way — they should at all times be respected as your better

Speaking to an audience at St Paul’s Cathedral in London about morality in the marketplace last night, Griffiths said the British public should “tolerate the inequality as a way to achieve greater prosperity for all”

If the master does well the scraps will get bigger if you are nicer to the master — also an inherent part of the divine right of Kings

Pip answers:

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”
Mayer Amschel Rothschild
[Mayer Amschel Bauer] (1744 -1812), Godfather of the Rothschild Banking Cartel of Europe]
And major share holders of privately owned bank AKA The Federal Reserve Bank.

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