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Robert asks…

Why can’t people see anything wrong with the police profiting from crime?

No matter how you try to justify it and rationalise over it, the UK proceeds of crime act is allowing the police to profit from crime. Politicians and high ranking police officials always sugar coat this new legislation as a good thing but anyone with any sense of ethics and morality will see the hypocritical double standards of this law. Not only is it a morally corrupt concept in its own right, but its a concept that will undoubtedly breed more corruption as this is the very nature of any public organisation with the power to dictate their own finances in this way.

Sadly, I don’t think the public are intelligent enough to even form their own opinions anymore. Instead, most people just follow and support the preplanned storyboard, opinion forming manipulation laid out by government and the mainstream media to brainwash the masses into ONE way of thinking.

The police force are not above the law and this is just one example of double standards where the police are allowed to do something that is illegal for everyone else.

If your unaware of the proceeds of crime act, its a recent legislation that allows the police to claim possessions from criminals that they can prove was bought through the proceeds of crime. The police can then sell these items and keep the money for the police force.

Don’t get me wrong. I think its right to take these possessions away from criminals however, if anyone should profit from this, it should ONLY be the victims of crime. This is the ethical and moral thing to do.
Kit Fang: The money goes to the police force and its a police forces job to fight crime so using the justification that the money is used to fight crime is an irrelevance used to sugar coat the fact that the money goes to the police. Remove all the glossy propaganda and your left with an organisation profiting from crime and that is NEVER morally justified no matter how you try to rationalise it.

Also, its worth mentioning, your council tax pays for most of your local police force so why aren’t they reducing your council tax bill if their getting all this money from another source? That will NEVER happen because you are being manipulated and conned by the police force and government AGAIN.
The ONLY right thing to do is to give this money to the victims of crime but I can’t see this happening any time soon either because our government doesn’t like helping the less fortunate in our society. One day, the public will wake-up and look around them and wonder, where did this draconian, Orwellian prison society come from? Then they’re going to have to look their grandchildren in the eye and say I sat back and did nothing to prevent it. If there’s one thing I’m absolutely certain of, it’s this.
@Kit Fang
Obviously I’m using the word ‘Profit’ as a figure of speech. By pedantically pointing this out your trying to undermine the truth in what I’m saying. Its totally INSANE to justify what the police are doing and I’m sorry if this insults you but your just ‘Repeating’ the official logic they used to brainwash the masses. You need to learn to form your own opinion on these types of subjects. For this particular one, I advise you to look a lot deeper into the wider implications of this. Hopefully, you will see the dangerous potential for widespread abuse and corruption and begin to see its NOT a good idea. Nor an ethical one either.

Pip answers:

How does it allow the police to profit? The money doesn’t go into anyone’s pocket, and is used to regain some of the money spent on fighting crime. The money is spent on police work, allowing the police to do more than if they just relied on government money. As such, it is not profit.

Personally I think it’s quite right that people who gain lots of money from crime have those profits turned into more officers on the streets and so on – that way we all profit, as the police can afford to do more than if they were just relying on taxes.

No-one profits from this – and to say that victims should profit from crime is mad. They should be compensated, yes, but not profit.

Donna asks…

Why do politically/socially conservative Christians get more offended at gay marriage than torture?

I noticed that there’s now a $1.5 million dollar advertisement in some major papers that is attempting to rally opposition to gay marriage.

I do not dispute the right of that group to advertise.

However, it also reminds me of election day in California, when more “Christians” than I’ve ever seen on election day gathered all over the state in public places to show support for a proposition that banned gay marriage. A lot of those people’s presences were funded by the Mormon and Catholic Churches.

All this money and time being spent to fight the “danger” of gay marriage.

Meanwhile…. when innocent people oversees were being tortured by American CIA and other security agents…. not a word from the social-conservative-“Christians”. Not a word. In fact they were so silent, it seemed as if they actually approved of Cheney’s torture orders. (Or buried their heads in the sand at the news, not wanting to think about it).

Why do poltically-socially conservative “Christians” think gay marriage is an issue worthy of more rabble-rousing than the torture of innocent people?

Furthermore, are their own marriages really so weak and fragile, that they are threatened by other people who expand the definition of marriage in ways they disagree with?

And finally… why do so many of these socially-politically conservative “Christians” place more trust in Daddy Government to create social morality, than God Himself?

Wouldn’t praying for better marriages work a lot better than just forcing everyone around with emotionally-based laws?

And to make everyone happy… should perhaps the government get out of the marriage definition business altogether? No more legal marriages for anyone?? Leave it up to God, the parties involved, and the pastor, and that’s it? Why not? This way everyone has to get a civil contract if they have property issues. What’s so wrong with that?
Re:SugarBabe’s response.
“you can’t say that Christians are in favor of torture.maybe some are, but also some non-Christians are, too”
-I qualified the word by describing them as “Politically/socially”. Not spiritually or otherwise. There are millions of beautiful-minded Christians. (and millions of ugly minded ones too).
“what would you say if Christians were to protest torture? that they’re in favor of gay marriage?”
-I was only pointing out the priorities of what these types of people consider important in life
“if you don’t like Christians, then why do you want them to do the important work for you? couldn’t you do it better?”
-That whole sentence is based on 2 assumptions, and absolutely nothing I said. Spiritually minded Christians seem to be a great help to society. Whereas the politically minded ones seem to be destructive and chaotic (though always seeking order… just smashing everything in the process). All authoritarians are this way.
Sugar Babe its all over now
Re: imacatholic2’s response.
Imacatholic is correct. I should have mentioned this. Both Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul have condemned war and torture. Because of this, I should have left “Catholic” out of the equation, here. The real people who I was referring to here are mostly Mormons, as an institution, and protestant Evangelicals (of the more “conservative” persuasion), as individuals.

The modern Catholic Church has consistently opposed government-sponsored torture.

I screwed up including the Catholic Church, because my error waters down my point.

Pip answers:

I cannot speak for other Christians, but Catholics have been speaking out against torture for years.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states:

Torture which uses physical or moral violence to extract confessions, punish the guilty, frighten opponents, or satisfy hatred is contrary to respect for the person and for human dignity.

Here are just a few examples:

Pope John Paul II on June 27, 2004: Pope: Torture is ‘intolerable’ violation of human rights: and

Pope Benedict XVI on December 13, 2005: Pope says torture shouldn’t be used against terror: and

US Conference of Catholic Bishops: Urge Senate and House Conferees to Reject Torture:

For more information, see Catechism of the Catholic Church, sections 2297:

With love in Christ.

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