Your Questions About Morality And Law Uk

Jenny asks…

Do you, or anyone you know, want homosexual activity to be made illegal again? Where are you/they from?

I’m not so interested for now in views of its morality, but specifically if you (or anyone you know) think it should be prohibited BY LAW.

This is a serious question: I’m interested in how much views have changed over only really two generations in the UK (and fewer in many other places).
Mentor: what on earth makes you think I want it amde illegal again!? I have a boyfriend of my own! The reason I’m asking this question is that when the law was changed 50 years ago in the UK, there was much support, but still considerable opposition. I want to know if there’s now anyone left who wants it illegal again. I hope there isn’t!

Please try to avoid jumping to conclusions before you hurl insults.

Pip answers:

No, for the simple reason that making it illegal would not improve my own life a single bit whilst making life more miserable for some other people. Why would I want that?

Steven asks…

What would ideals and philosophy would be the opposite of mine?

I’m asking again because I only got one answer and it didn’t satisfy me. Plus, no other answers came.

Here’s my ideals and philosophy.

Family values:;_ylt=AlUZ3CWv5p5wsnP91PA5a9Pty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101215120909AAMFAhs
Religion in society:;_ylt=AlRcmD2ZwhxL_eR9Kp5FyXDty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101215121457AAb5GE4
The environment:;_ylt=AqJ68xAFHhrUtsxTz0a2Tr3ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101215122214AAQpcKd
The concept of spirituaity:;_ylt=AoHqgV4w9DHzc_HBx06q5y3ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101215235327AA6SEjz
The economy:;_ylt=AgRywEN5R_LggO04XknhNwzty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101229141822AAGVYGg
How society should be run:;_ylt=AlUZ3CWv5p5wsnP91PA5a9Pty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101230105759AAh5qNW

Note: My views on society could be seen as “society should have the power to run itself”.

Some additional views:
• Just because people are of low social status or don’t have much money doesn’t mean they should always be ignored. If we have free speech and free expression, discretion based on social status and wealth is an insult to that free speech and expression.
• Why do we have national identity and national anthem? Both concepts are pointless and needless things created by nationalist ferver.
• Because we have to work in order to survive, humans are brought down and enslaved. The fact that we need money and work to survive is essentially slavery, and it must be stopped for the sake of the people.
• We should not be afraid of drawing controversy.Controversy creates debate and subversion which is good for revolution.
• Technology should be allowed to contantly and progressively free everyone’s lives, even to th extent that it eliminates the need for the state as we know it, thereby eliminatin the state and maybe politics.
• If the government lies to us, it is necessary to return the favour by decieving and tricking government in order to get the truth. The same deception is sometimes needed in journalism to find the truth about stories and expose the facts.
• Justice should work in the style of karma in that the punishment should fit the crime no matter what punishment fits, because when you do something wrong, you have to pay your debts to those you’ve wronged. Like when it comes to murder or mass murder, you can either get the death penalty or pay your debts in other ways. Punishment and rehabillitation can be combined, but brutalisation of prisons is unacceptable. Prisons must not be as harsh as America and Japan and not privatised or run like businesses. Justice, revenge, and the concept of karma can be one the same thing, because all of them ultimately create balance.

Alignment: Between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral

What would be the opposite of these ideals and beliefs of mine?
For a good and satisfiying answer, do a list of the opposites of my beliefs like the list above and associate those opposites with a colour and animal or symbol. The alignment will be drawn from the views and not simply because it is the opposite of that of mine. Be sure to check ALL of the links and look at ALL of my views before answering the question.
@jack I can’t, because I don’t expect idiots to try. But that’s besides the point. If I dumbed it down, it would make less sense. I need it precise. My only alternative be splitting the question into separate parts, but only if I fail with this question.
Should I split this question into several questions to simplify it?
@Always Right Great answer. But could you associate each of your points with a colour and animal or symbol?

PS: This sounds a lot like America today.

Pip answers:

You’re basically an all-around liberal, in all areas– social, economic, political.
The opposing view would be an authoritarian right-winger, or what is understood by conservative around more precise folks than those on Y!A. What such a person might believe:

– Children should obey their parents without questioning; political decisions should be made so that they preserve family values;
– (My) religion should be followed to the letter by everyone; if they don’t believe in it, they’re wrong; religious values should be taught in public schools;
– Screw the environment, corporations need profit; environmental regulations by the government are evil;
– The free market is indispensable to societal freedom; inequality is natural; the rich should pay exactly the same amount of taxes (not in percentages, but in actual sums) as the poor; corporations and the rich do not have any social responsibility outside that of obeying laws and (for the former) paying their employees;
– The main purpose of education is to prepare young people to enter the workforce; the current grading system is alright; schools should require uniforms and have other appearance-related norms, because adolescents nowadays look too immodest;
– Morality does not exist outside of (my) religion; the government must enforce said morality; children need to be taught discipline, whatever the means; morality is absolute; science is full of lies and shouldn’t be considered when making moral decisions;
– The death penalty is useful; criminals should be punished as they deserve and rehabilitation is often impossible; abortion is wrong; people shouldn’t curse; treason should be punishable by death and whoever disagrees is un-American; Fox News is fair and balanced; royalty might be a great system for us to return to; terrorists should be tracked and caught whatever the costs in terms of freedom of the population; the US has the right or even the obligation to interfere in other countries’ affairs and “spread democracy”; if anything, people are not patriotic/nationalistic enough; drugs are bad;
– Marriage is sacred and should only take place between a man and a woman; hierarchies are necessary; human life should have priority; there is a meaning of life, and it is God-given; there are no rights outside of legal rights; the pope/Glenn Beck/myself is infallible; there are many moral obligations for people; life is a cosmic fight between good and evil– read the Bible!; there is a heaven, a hell, and an afterlife;
– Money and work have been essential for our welfare since the dawn of humanity; low social status translates into laziness and criminality; national identity and national anthems are good and necessary; prisons should be harsh and/or privatized.
– Jacque Fresco is an evil commie.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Color and symbol: Red and a national flag.

Edit: No, I can’t, sorry. This requires someone with a lot of imagination and capacity for symbolic thinking. I don’t make associations between colors and ideas; it was difficult enough for me to come up with the overall association. To me, colors are just fragments of specific wavelengths on the visible light spectrum, and they can’t be intrinsically connected with ideas. Sorry, some of us aren’t poetic.

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