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Lisa asks…


Just for the UK. I’ve just now, couple of weeks ago finished my fixed contract with a company that should have done an enhanced CRB on me due to me having contact with young people (no swearing from people who hate me on y/a) i do know that they’ve recently changed the laws in the UK so that each time you change job you have to have a new CRB done but that does not seem to be the case or companies don’t seem to follow this legislation because for each job that is advertised they ask that you are in date (within a year) of an enhanced CRB from your last employer to be even considered for the job.
Having spoken to my last employer who did make me fill out a CRB before and during my employment with them, informed me in a very cold manner that they never sent out CRB’s because of lack of funding, putting to one side the morality/recklessness of these actions i cannot apply for one myself so what can i do in this situation?
On one side it angers me that they are putting in danger the y/p that attend that centre by not doing CRB’s like in my case people who work there, but on the other hand i don’t want to take away the centre because it does help the more disadvantaged youths that do attend it and i do sort of care for the centre.

Pip answers:

It really is nuts. Let’s face it, most child abuse is committed by parents on their own children – when I did jury service 10 years ago that was exactly what was going on in the case I was involved with: the defendant was charged with 17 counts of rape and indecent assault on his own daughters – so perhaps CRB checks should be done on parents before they are allowed to have children…

Anyway, apart from a basic CRB check, it has to be applied for by the employer as you know. That has always been the case ever since the scheme was introduced and that’s why you need a new one every time you change jobs. (I’ve had a basic CRB check done on me just so I could get a security pass for my office as a civil servant – WHY? There are no children or vulnerable adults in the office! It really is getting out of hand.)

There’s not much you can do about it and it really is killing off voluntary work with young people. Until it was all reshuffled in April we at the Learning and Skills Council (as was) did audits of school sixth forms to confirm that their attendance registers were accurate and we were paying the schools the right amount. Every so often a school wouldn’t let my staff in because they hadn’t been CRB checked. And yet the rub is that it is the school that has to apply for it! As we couldn’t. I know they just used it as an excuse – having the suspicious mind I do as an auditor I KNOW it’s because they know their records weren’t good enough and they didn’t want us to find that out. All ridiculous – we didn’t want to be anywhere near the children, we just wanted to see the attendance registers.

Betty asks…

I want to be a vigilante?

Ok so i’m sick of all the crap thats going on in this age. I want to beat down criminals and help the city (Birmingham, UK). I want the thrill as well. Iv’e seen so much sh*t in my life and i want to help people and prevent criminal behavior whilst on the edge. I’m 17, i’m fit, strong, fast and have some martial arts skill. I’m brave if i’m walking on the street and i see a guy bigger and older than me beating a female etc i wouldn’t have a second thought about beating the crap out of him i would beat the crap out of him so he never does it again. I’m sick of sitting back and letting sh*t happen. I want to take action. Should i do it? if so what will i need. any info is appreciated. Also i have a friend that feels the same way and may want to join me. P.s. i know all the legal stuff so don’t bother bringing it up.

Pip answers:

Not a law or ethics question…. It’s morality. Post there.

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